The Beginner's Guide to Finding Joy While Flying Drones

If you’re interested in flying drones, there are so many options it’s hard to know where to start. Yet this hobby is incredible if you can find some joy in learning the skills required to fly the incredible machines.

Here are some niche areas of drone operation that can help you figure out where your interests lie. Take a look below at all the possibilities.

Explore the Options

We’ve all learned to find a little more joy in the little things during the pandemic. Yet finding joy in new hobbies is another way to boost your mental health. Explore the drone options available to you to find the niche that inspires you the most.

With newer and better drones coming out all the time, you may find that video art is your passion. You could make art with video technology like this Ok Go music video. The creative world is open wide with every new advance in drone technology.

Photograph Nature While Flying Drones

Before video drone imagery was popular, they were popular for aerial photography. Even today, the shots you can achieve with a drone are spectacular.

Perhaps you want to explore drone photography in nature. Flying a drone is oftentimes less intrusive to wild animals than a human photographer. They treat it more like a bird or a part of their habitat. If they do notice it, then they’re looking right at the camera while you snap photos, which also makes amazing pictures.

Find out more about which drones are perfect for your chosen niche at this link:

Don’t Break the Law

When you order your drone, you’ll likely receive a set of instructions about how you may use them. Certain areas are controlled airspace, like an airport or a military base. You cannot interfere with these existing airplanes and operations.

There are other types of laws, too, regarding privacy. You shouldn’t use your drone to spy on anyone or take footage of emergencies or large groups of people for safety.

If your drone is over 250 grams it must be registered. Canadian Aviation Regulations state you must also have a drone pilot certificate.

Learn Some Stunts

A good way to find out if you like performing drone stunts is to try a few basic ones. You can learn how to flip your drone or dive off ledges. Acrobatic maneuvers actually take quite a bit of skill, but when you grow those skills it’s great fun and very marketable.

Software now exists for programming many drones flying together. That means there are endless possibilities for drone stunts.

More and more companies and even nations are going with aerial stunts and light shows like this Hogmanay celebration drone show in Scotland. These are replacing fireworks as entertainment.

The Best Hobbies

Flying drones can be an entertaining hobby, especially when you find your niche. Whether your favorite part of drones is the video art possibilities, nature photography, or aerial stunts, there is something for everyone when it comes to drones.

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