These days, the Wi-Fi router has become a basic necessity. Most of the homes today host at least one Wi-Fi router to ease strong internet access all through the house.

Setting up a Wi-Fi router is quite simple. But, if one is doing this first time he or she needs to have some basic information such as the admin login page, possible default usernames, passwords, and wireless setting tips.

1) 168.1.1 Admin Login Page

To access and manipulate the control settings for the router, one need to use web links such as that is generally provided in the user manual of most of the routers. While is applicable for most of the router brands, there may be other weblinks also. Some examples are,,, etc. Nonetheless, the is the most common and widely used address that leads to the login page.

2)  Default username and password

After reaching the login page the first time, one will be provoked for login information to proceed further. The default login information needs to be entered before making any setting upgrades or any changes.

The default username that most widely used is ‘admin’. Special emphasis need be given to the small characters; no character should be capital. And, the most common password for login is also ‘admin’; remember all in the small letters again.

For a few Belkin routers, one just needs to leave the username space blank and then enter the password to gain access to the router settings. The second most used default password in the Wi-Fi routers is

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin.


  • Username: admin.
  • Password: password.

3) Wireless Settings

After logging in, one arrives at a section where he has numerous options, numerous setting zones, etc… based on the router type or brand. This is the place, where one set the router up. Here, one can also add additional security like password, username for your Wi-Fi router to put off excessive access to the internet facility.

The all the internet settings vary in accordance with the internet provider and their recommended guide, the process for adding security and password for the Wi-Fi router remains more or less the same for all types of broadband connections and Wi-Fi router brands.

Default settings adjust automatically as based on the broadband provider in the new generation routers. Hence, very few minute adjustments are required to set up the router and start using your internet facilities.

Generally, one end up making required updates and changes to the router settings. This can ultimately direct to no help for connecting to the internet. The preeminent option to finish the setup with the least attempt is to choose a quick setup option.

Usually, this can be found at first or second option in the settings, tools or similar subheads. Just steer through different tabs and look for a quick setup. At the time of performing quick setup, you can add a username and password to your Wi-Fi router to stop unwanted access to your broadband network.

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