1. Filter cloth performance and main applications

The filter cloth has a wide range of uses, and can be widely used in air filtration and dust removal, dust collection powder to purify the air and protect the environment. , Medicine and other industries have been widely used, and have now become an important product for environmental protection, sewage and dust removal.

For the filter cloth, it is not only the wear of the material itself that affects its service life, but also the corrosion of the filter cloth by the working substance. Therefore, the requirements for industrial filter cloth are very high, and the main characteristics are as follows:

(1) The trapping effect after solids is good and the service life is long.

(2) Fast filtration speed, less clogging, and stable filtration speed.

(3) The filter residue has good peelability, no expansion and contraction, and good dimensional stability.


  1. Current status of filter cloth industry at home and abroad

The filter cloth industry is a key development area supported by our country. Both the national “Tenth Five-Year Plan” and “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” include the development of industrial filter cloth technology and technology. From the perspective of the development of the filter cloth industry in the world, the development speed of filter cloth in various countries and regions is also amazing.

In the past ten years, the annual average growth rate of the filter cloth industry in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other countries and regions has been 4% to 6% .The Asia-Pacific, South America and Eastern Europe and other regions have developed faster, with an annual growth rate of 8% to 10%. The world filter cloth industry is still in the stage of continuous development.


  1. Market prospects

The filter cloth industry is booming and plays an increasingly important role in many fields, especially in the field of environmental protection. The filter cloth industry has high advantages in terms of policy support, environmental protection demand, equipment support, raw material supply, and domestic and foreign market demand, and its market prospects are extremely impressive.

In urban construction, ecological demonstration cities and cities with serious environmental pollution will provide a broad market for the development and utilization of filter materials. As the world’s largest coal-burning country, China’s air pollutants mainly come from the combustion of coal in the production processes of power, steel, cement, smelting, and chemical industries. To solve the problem of environmental pollution, the main method is to remove sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and various components in the flue gas, fly ash filtration collection, dust removal and reuse. Flue gas filtration is different from dust collection and dust removal, because flue gas contains a lot of harmful components and strong corrosive components, and is accompanied by high temperature and water vapor, etc., causing strong erosion and damage to the filter unit.

The dust collector achieves the purpose of dust removal through the mechanical filtration of the filter material and the dust layer attached to the filter material. This environmental protection concept makes China’s demand for the output and quality of filter materials continue to increase. In addition, municipal sludge and sewage contain large amounts of organic matter, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.

At present, the requirements of “economic, high efficiency and environmental protection” put forward by the domestic sludge treatment and disposal industry have further promoted the development of the filter cloth industry and made the filter cloth industry have a broader prospect. In addition to the above applications, the filter cloth has also developed new products using new energy, new materials, and new processes around key areas such as safety, environmental protection, and energy saving, occupying the commanding heights of technology.

Today, with increasing emphasis on environmental protection worldwide, the broad application prospects of filter cloths should not be underestimated. With the gradual increase in the development of the western region, landfills, sewage treatment and other projects have gradually increased, and the amount of filter cloth has also gradually increased.

In summary, the development of the filter cloth market will inevitably lead to the simultaneous development of other industries and make great contributions to the cause of environmental protection. It has far-reaching social significance and broad market prospects.

Now, more than a dozen large filter cloth manufacturers(such as bonfilt) in China are promoting the development of China’s filter cloth industry with their vitality. But no matter from the scale, or from the technical level, the development of these enterprises still can not meet the demand for filter cloth at home and abroad. In the next 10 years, China will become the fastest-growing country in the international filtration and separation industry, with the market scale ranking second in the world. The filter cloth industry, an emerging environmental protection market, is booming, and the development of China’s filter cloth market still has immeasurable potential.