This week seems to be an important moment for Apple. The company had used the third week of October to launch its products several times in the past. October seems to be the milestone as the company successfully destroyed the artificial boundaries. Important technology moments this month in the past included the launching of Apple 2.0 and introduction of iPod.

Actually, important technology moments at the third week of October belonged not only to apple, but also to the whole communication industry. It gave birth to continental instant line of communication by means of internet during this month.

Technology Moments in October That Become the Milestones

October marks how communication technology moments were held to revolutionize how human beings communicate. The moments include development of Internet advertising. The following are some important moments of technology innovation in communication.

October 24, 1861: Birth of Transcontinental Communication

This is actually the milestone in the birth of transcontinental communication technology. The first link between Atlantic and Pacific coasts was completed on October 24, 1861. At that time, Pony Express, which dominated transcontinental message delivery, became obsolete.

Before the introduction of transcontinental communication, Pony Express contributed much to deliver messages between Atlantic and Pacific coasts. However, the company still needed about 10 days to deliver the messages. It stopped operation only two days after the establishment of instant transcontinental communication.

October 28, 1927: Birth of Newsreels

The first biweekly newsreel – Movietone – was born on October 28, 1927, located at the Roxy Theater, New York City. Newsreels became the main sources of news, and entertainment events, current affairs. They were ceased when Television replaced in the 1950s. The growth of television technology remains until 2013. At that time, TV was still one of the two largest sources of news among Americans.

In 2013, about 69% of Americans still depended upon Television as the source of information. Then comes the rapidly-rising internet technology in the second rank. The trend keeps developing. By 2015, about 63% of American used Twitter and Facebook as the sources of news. Finally, in 2016, 81% of Americans obtained news over websites, social networking sites, and apps.

October 29, 1969: The First Message over ARPANET

For the first time, a message was sent over ARPANET – the predecessor of the Internet technology. Leonard Kleinrock and Charley Kline successfully sent the message from their network at UCLA to Duvall at SRI. Some sources noted that the first message sent over ARPANET was “l” and “o”, which formed “lo”. Actually, they attempted to send the message “login” but the system crashed. Leonard Kleinrock and Charley Kline faced a problem in sending the message. However, they succeeded to login about one hour later.

This is an important part of communication technology moments. The invention became the milestone for the long-distance login process, which is very popular. This is the predecessor of internet technology, upon which human beings depend now.

October 27, 1994: the first Web Banner

Still in the third week of October, the first Web banner ad was born. It is of course an important moment for the Internet advertising industry in general and for HotWired in particular. The first commercial Web magazine created the milestone for the development of Internet advertising industry until this time.

Yes, the industry shows a stable pace in growth and revenues. In 2006, for instance, revenues from Internet advertising increased by 22% from 2015. It reached $72.5 billion, a rate that exceeded TV advertising for the first time n 2015. At the same time, mobile advertising grew by 77%.

October 23, 2001: Apple Technology Moments

October is also one of Apple technology moments. Steve Jobs introduced iPod in October 23, 2001. At that time, the company was celebrating a special event at the company’s headquarters. iPod was a major breakthrough at that time. Actually, there were some other music players on the market, but most of them were not more than a digital Walkman.
Apple introduced a new concept with iPod, which was designed as a pocket computer. It came with an operating system, internal hard drive of 5GB, and internal memory of 32 MB. It was the first iPod to use high-speed Firewire cable. It allowed the users to download more than 1.000 songs available from the Mac.

With iPod, it took only about 10 minutes to download up to 1000 songs, compared to the very slow USB connections. However, the most important key to iPod’s success in the market was the introduction of iTune Store in 2003. iTune allows the owners of iPod to get access to a number of new contents, including recorded shows, comics, radio hosts, and many more.

Even though those important technology moments are not linked to certain brand, they greatly affect the next development in communication technology.