Smartphone APP Company Startup Case Study-From Seeds to Weeds

Now, as a business consultant, I work with many start-ups with great ideas. I would like to explain one example and how those entrepreneurs strategically launch a business and make it successful. App Companies. This business model is a smartphone APP company that allows people to vote through smartphones and use high-tech companions to participate in government surveys. Shall we talk?

First, how do you design a specific strategy to make it work without providing the idea to all potential competitors? This is a great idea-what Americans need and want, so our market is pretty good-almost everyone-all kinds of cities, counties, state agencies, and us. Even its own federal government means contracting with us to accomplish this. So how do you get started?

First, plan your attack. We need a proper explanation of the benefits to US citizens and government, how it is win-win for the future of our country, and how it works. Shows what we plan to implement in-We are people’s greatest fears and policy makers, but our goal is to strengthen without compromising efficiency and restore confidence in the government, but in real time. Through our feedback loop and transparency, government power is not abused, while ensuring 100% personal privacy and integrity of the system. 1 person, 1 device, 1 vote-no cheating.

This should be done in a two-page summary. The following is an overview of the build, test, retest, implementation, and scale-up steps. Then perform each step and create two short paragraphs that describe what you plan to do. Create this in a Word document. You will need a team, perhaps some funding, or a grant, and some help and guidance.

I’m sure this is feasible, but it must be done by a group with a pure heart. Otherwise, everything we develop will be copied all over the world, causing terrible damage to our country, our citizens, and all humanity. , And it is certain that dictatorial Machiavellianism understands the value of manipulating it on its own will, humans love power, perhaps personality deficiencies, or perhaps the former genetic command for survival. Seems to be, in any case, this rubber meets the road, it’s a real problem, we need safety devices, we have to explain them thoroughly, I No one wants to see this and use the system. Think about this.

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