Magic leap shocked the entire world after it presented some of its very interesting AR demos. It was successful in letting the entire world know how the AR can change, how the world can change. Magic leap did not have much news coming till the company’s technical prototype AR device got leaked online. This has created negative publicity for the company. The company was talked for presenting technology in a way that is far behind than it actually is.

The negativity about the company started when the news regarding the technology site leaked in December. The information that the executives of Magic Leap were exaggerating the readiness and quality of the AR device that they had innovated along with its prototype was inferior to those from the competitors’ projects such as project HoloLens of Microsoft was circulated. A leaked photo is showing that Business Insider published technology to be bulkier.

The CEO of Magic Leap in Florida, Rony Abovitz expressed his views on Twitter that the photo was not what people thought it to be. The analysis reports that one among the high-level source has doubts about the project of Magic Leap. The source had requested to maintain anonymity.

Approximately 1,200 employees are working in Magic Leap. There is a considerable risk that most of the workers might leave the company if technology fails to achieve the specified goal of the company.

Sources reveal that Magic Leap is thinly scattered in itself. There are around 1000 wrong things that it is doing. Even after raising $ 1.4 billion. In this kind of scenario, there should be atleast three to four things at which Magic Leap should be doing good. Even after two years later, Magic Leap is not at as good as HoloLens. Even after moving on in the market, it will not be that good.

Magic Leap was carrying out its work on completion of a prototype before a very important meeting the present week as stated by Business Insider. Analysts Richard Windsor who is working for Edison Investment Research has followed the companies of AR/enterprise for a very long time stated that Magic Leap is very much far from manufacturing the type of product which could create unrest in the AR market. He continued stating that this has the potential to be a problem for Magic Leap as most of the competitors are approaching the enterprises so as to sell their units provided the experience of the user is very less significant.

Reports from reliable sources state that the prototype of Magic Leap makes use of a Nvidia Parker which is a new version of the Tegra series of mobile processors of that company. Sources also reveal that required hardware is not available with the developers that would help them in producing the software of Magic Leap which denotes that shipping of Magic Leap with any of its applications shall be hard this year. Moreover, the burn rate would be very badly affected if shipping of Magic Leap does not happen.