Serious Misdemeanor Charges In Michigan

The term misdemeanor is a lesser crime that has less punishment. It is generally your behavior towards others. In America, a misdemeanor is said to be a less serious crime, compares to a felony. Because a felony is a crime on which the punishment is death or prison for many years. The misdemeanor has become general in terms of any legal offense. Some of the misdemeanor crimes will include spousal Assault, typically a domestic abuse, and OWI charges can cause you to lose your driving privilege.

What happens when you got an OWI?

The abbreviation OWI stands for “operating while under the influence.” If we talk about under the law, it is illegal to operate any vehicle if you are drunk.

  • Penalties and time in jail:

In Michigan, it’s up to 500$ fine and around 100 days in jail with community service. A driver’s license is suspended for a month and possible vehicle towing. But a few different situations can cause different penalties.

  • Situations can cause when you drink and drive:

If you are heavily drunk, it can affect your skills in driving, especially the coordination between eyes, hands, and foot. The effect of alcohol can put you at risk of causing accidents and serious injury. The reason is safe driving requires the ability to concentrate; if you are in your senses, you can make good judgment and immediate decisions. The drunk and drive can put you and others in danger.

  • In case of drunk and drive someone dies:

The crime OWI is very common in Michigan; different situations can happen if you do drunk and drive, and it contains various punishments according to the crime. But one of the biggest crimes of DUI is killing someone. In Michigan, if someone died during drunk and drive, the standard punishment includes fines and prison. The penalty of $2500 to $10k or a maximum of 15 years in prison.

All of the above situations can cause difficulty for you; it doesn’t matter what the penalty or other punishment you should care about you and others too. Otherwise, OWI charges can cause you to lose your driving privileges, which will differently cause problems for you.

Spousal Assault in Michigan:

The word Spousal reference to domestic and Assault mean Violence. If we hear the word Violence the word wrong automatically comes to our mind. Because hurting someone is not right, even one person has placed the other one in only fear of being hurt. It is said to be one of the misdemeanor crimes in Michigan and charged for it. Many lawyers make an appropriate defense for your future.

  • Domestic Assault:

Now typically, domestic Assault can only be applied to domestic scenarios. The person that fits in that scenario can be either to have a relationship with them or they only living in the same house. If explained in detail, the domestic Assault is Violence against their wife, or someone they had dated in the past, or someone with whom they are living.

  • Punishment of spousal Assault:

In Michigan, if someone committed domestic Violence, they can be charged a penalty with the jail. The person will be in jail for 93 days and also pay a $500 penalty too.

  • Can spousal Assault become a felony?

Yes, spousal Assault can become felony if someone committed bodily harm or murder. It can also become a felony if someone committed this crime to commit any other serious felony.

  • Three levels of Spousal Assault: There are three levels or degrees of Spousal Assault, as all the three levels are said to be a violent crime and charged for it.

Level # 1: Harassing someone without touching or placing someone in fear of being hurt.

Level # 2: Involves using any weapon to hurt someone bodily.

Level # 3: It will involve endangering someone’s life.


Hurting someone intentionally or unintentionally both are wrong. In Michigan, different crime is charged with various type of penalty or prison, depending on the crime. If we are talking about misdemeanor crime, it has less punishment as generally this tem means your behavior towards others.