Security career is a career that merits to be venerated due to the consequences it brings:

– Ensuring the protection of products and facilities.

– Ensure the protection of the lifestyles and frame of the covered person.

– Ensuring safety for events, festivals, …

– Contribute to the operation and improvement of every enterprise.

– Contributing to elevating logo consciousness for companies and individuals.

– Create peace of thoughts for the covered person.

– Making a high-quality contribution to the preservation of order and protection for the complete society and the financial improvement of the complete country.

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Security Recruitment An Phuc Security Service Co., Ltd

Proud of that, however many human beings are nonetheless afraid whilst making use of for the location of safety because:

– Fear of low earnings => The earnings of a brand new safety shield at An Phuc Security Service Co., Ltd is from five to eight million, better than the common earnings of an regular workplace employee . Not to say that when you have the ability, growing your earnings is easy.

– No regime => An Phuc Security Service Co., Ltd commits to implement:

+ Receive 300% of simple profits if running on public holidays.

+ Support lodging for personnel in need.

+ Title allowance regime.

+ Welfare regime: funeral, filial piety, sickness, childbirth, …

– No merchandising opportunities => With small groups, few dreams to protect, that is genuine. But with An Phuc Security Service Co., Ltd – a big organisation with strong boom rate, that specialize in education center and high-degree human sources is likewise our improvement strategy.

As lengthy as you figure hard, you may maintain positions: captain, region commander, operational officer, leader of operations or deputy director.

And of course, extended obligation manner extended earnings.

– Hard paintings => Of course, there’s no activity that isn’t with out challenges, however in comparison to occupations which includes a employee or a porter, the safety career is truely lots greater leisurely.

The standard activity of safety guards is:

+ Gate duty, patrolling, ee-e book keeping.

+ Ensure safety and protection of labor dreams

+ Maintain the guidelines of the owner

+ Regularly test hearthplace safety on the target

– Do now no longer paintings for an extended time => This is likewise genuine for groups without a reputation, doing enterprise in a hurry, inflicting clients to reduce their dreams. However, An Phuc Security Service Co., Ltd., with a quality-targeted strategy, have to stay with clients for an extended time.

This manner that safety guards have strong jobs, even running close to their residences.