Tor is a network which allows a user to stay anonymous while accessing the internet and easily avoid any location tracking and any possible surveillance at the time of using the internet. You can access the TOR network by using a modified Mozilla Firefox ESR web browser. Tor is also known as Onion Router enables a person to anonymously browse the web by hiding the real identity of the user. It helps in protecting the user from network spying and traffic analysis. This article would reveal all the vital information about the Tor and how it works. Let’s go through it

History of Tor

It is the most secure and popular option available for the purpose of doing anonymous internet activity. Tor is mainly based on the ‘onion routing’ principle which was discovered by David Goldschlag, Michael G. Reed and Paul Syverson at the US Naval research Laboratory in the year 1990’s.

The Tor project Inc. is a non-profit firm which handles Tor and is responsible for the development of Tor. The Government of United states funds it and further help is offered by the individual sponsors, Swedish Government and different NGOs. 

How Tor works?

There is a concept of ‘onion routing’ method on which the Tor works and in which the user data would be encrypted first and then would be transferred through various relays find in the Tor network. It would create layers like an onion, thereby helping in keeping the user data safe and secure. 

Other than offering anonymity to all the users, it also provides anonymity to servers and websites in the form of Tor hidden services. BitTorrent is a P2P application which can be easily configured to access the Tor network and retrieve torrent files. 

Download Tor Browser

The Tor project Inc. has produced Tor browser which is an alteration of Mozilla Firefox browser. This browser is highly portable so that it would be used from an external media and decreases the installation hazel easily without any problem. Tor browser helps in removing the cookies and browsing history after every use and it reduces the risk of cookie tracking. 

You can find Tor browser in the various desktop operating systems which include Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Steps to install Tor browser on Windows

  • First you have to run the Tor Browser setup.
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Select the destination folder on the next windows. It would be easy for you to use Tor if you are selecting the Desktop as the destination. 
  • Click on Install. 

The setup would create a folder on your Desktop by the name Tor Browser. You need to open the folder and run the short cut file for using Tor browser. 

For Linux, just extract the downloaded file either using a file extractor application or command line. 

Should I go for Tor?

Yes you should use Tor as it is completely safe to use. It has been proved to be an effective medium for secure, safe and anonymous web presence available to all the users at zero cost. It is mainly for accessing the blocked contents and dark web sites on the Internet but some evil-minded people have taken advantages of Tor for their illegal activities. The Tor project has led to a positive approach towards surveillance free internet and censorship. 

You should use Tor if you really want to hide your identity on the internet or access some websites which are totally blocked in your area. But make sure you are not doing anything wrong which comes under illegal activities. There are some chances that you still can get caught so always be careful. Do not access your social media accounts over Tor as it can reveal your identity. You can use Tor from anywhere in the world and it really doesn’t matter from where you are. It is completely legal to use.

There are several people who are using it mainly for selling drugs and other illegal products. They understand that Tor is a best platform for remain anonymous and doing any business or trade which is completely illegal outside in the real world. Tor is like a heaven for them and they operate their activities easily without any fear. You should understand that if you are using Tor to surf illegal websites, then you might be investigated with security agencies and hackers. Always be safe and keep your identity protected. You must use internet for a better purpose and for legally. 

The Last Words

If you are going to use Tor for the good activities, then surely you can go ahead and use it. Make sure you are not conducting or operating any illegal activity otherwise there are still chances of getting caught. So, always keep this thing in your mind while using the Tor. 

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