According to some health experts, listening to music too often and in long term by using headphone can lead to hearing loss. This may sound terrible, but evidence says so. Some people love music so much that they often fall asleep with headphone on their eyes. The danger is even more when you frequently listen to music too loudly. This is a real health threat. The good news is that Artificial Intelligence headphone is said to solve the health problems associated with excessive use of hearing device. Is that so?

A report issued by World Health Organization in 2015 revealed that more than a billion young adults and teenagers were at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of headphone. Of course, nobody can forbid the teenagers or young adults to use headphone when listening to music. Indeed, it is a more friendly way to enjoy your favorite songs without disturbing other people around you.

Will Artificial Intelligence Headphone Solve The Problem?

Artificial intelligence technology seems to provide many kinds of solution for human life. Lately, a number of online media reported that AI headphone would prevent from hearing loss. How does AI do it? Actually, no headphone product had been claimed to offer the solution. Instead, a consumer electronics company, namely Nakamichi, lately did a test for its upcoming headphone, which is AI enhanced.

The company claimed that the headphone would save your ear’s health while listening to music. The artificial intelligence feature would automatically turn the volume down to protect your ears from health damage. The headphone is called Nakamichi Edge, an over-the-ear headphone that is enhanced with A.I. The speaker does this on a fixed number of minutes.

More interestingly, the AI technology works to examine all the elements of a song. Then, it regulates the music to protect your ears. It analyzes the audio in terms of clarity, spaciousness, and depth. In other words, when you put on the headphone, you will not notice any difference. However, when you play music, the AI technology will work to analyze the sound and then adjust the volume to the safest level.

How AI Headphone Works to Prevent Hearing Loss

Artificial Intelligence headphone works by lowering the music volume to the safe level at certain interval of time. For instance, when you use the headphone to listen to soft music at normal volume, it may take up to 3 or 4 hours before the headphone reduces the volume automatically. On the other hand, when you use the headphone at unsafe level of volume, it will turn the volume down more frequently.

A number of testing had proved that the AI headphone would automatically adjust the volume, depending upon the music you are listening to. The question is, “How does the Edge headphone sound?” A number of reviewers had tried to assess the sound output quality. Some testers found that they had to turn the music volume up to get clearer sound. They could hear the acoustic and vocal music so well using the headphone even if the volume was low.

In addition, the treble feels good even though some said that the bass was not so satisfactory. This was confirmed with the test that the sound was clearer without bass. Few specs are leaked on the ear-safe headphone. The following are some of them:

  • Two sound drivers. Meanwhile, most headphones on the market have only one driver. This certainly makes a difference when the users are separating the frequencies.
  • Four mics that serve to control the noise. The mics do a good job in controlling the noise and turn it out, thus making the sound feels comfortable.

Design of Edge AI Headphone

Overall, the AI-enhanced headphone feels just like the ordinary design. The hardware looks similar to that of Beats, as they can fold the same way. However, reviewers said that Edge felt sturdier and more powerful build, thanks to the thicker cushion, thus making it feel comfortable on head. Unlike many other headphones that tend to press on head, Edge feels really comfortable over the ear cups.

The AI headphone is equipped with Bluetooth, thus making it possible for the users to transfer music without any wires. However, you still can use an aux cable, instead. The headphone has relatively long battery life. The reviewers reported that the headphone could work up to 13 hours when used on full charge.

The company representative told that Nakamichi Edge will cost for about US$299, but it could be cheaper. Some sources reported that about 2.700 units have been produced and ready to ship, despite lack of information on when it would ship.