Microsoft is one of the leading companies which develop and supports a range of software products, services, and electronic devices. As everyone is aware of the fact that company offers a wide array of services including cloud based solutions and consulting services. Along with this Microsoft is also well known in the entertainment industry such as introducing latest video game consoles and smart phones etc.

The researchers are creating an artificial based system in order to provide high technology powered electronic gadgets to the customers. This company always releases the devices that are not based on copying its competitors but just try to manufacture products that users wants. The day to day changes introduced by the Microsoft technology affects the way of working of individuals. Microsoft Company is providing more expedient features in all its products.

Here, are some upcoming and latest advancement done by the Microsoft that impact the information technology:

Artificial Intelligence for Security

The company is creating a cloud service which uses artificial intelligence in order to track the bugs in available software. After the completion of this project, they will offer the preview version of this tool is for the Linux users too.

This Microsoft security risk detection is previously known as project spring field. The developer can use this cloud based tool to look for the bugs and security issues in the software they are creating to release. This tool is capable of catching the deficiencies before they go to launch. The researchers leading the team of the risk detection tool have hired the security experts to do the fuzz testing. This tool will help the developers in discovering one-third of the million dollar security bugs.

Latest Service Packs in Microsoft Office Suits

Microsoft Office is productivity software which includes a variety of applications, servers, and services. This software comprises of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, outlook and the services like Skype for business, Microsoft projects etc. Microsoft has released service packs for each of the office version as of July 2017.

The latest service packs introduced by Microsoft are Office 2013 SP1, Office 2010 SP2, Office 2007 SP3, Office 2003 SP3, Office XP SP3 and Office 2000 SP3. These service packs contain all the updates, fixes and any enhancement in the software program. They replace existing files with the updated version that is close to the security holes. The purpose behind the release of these service packs is to help the customers in keeping their personal computers, or laptops up to date.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Laptop

Everyone is aware of the Microsoft Surface series of laptop and there is no surprise that the surface range is such an interesting topic. After the successful launch of the surface laptop and Surface Pro, the company is working on their successor i.e. surface book2. Microsoft will disclose a more traditional clamshell laptop at its spring showing.

It is expected that the price of the surface book 2 will exceed the cost of the Surface Pro and the Surface laptop. This is also a prediction that the laptop will contain the latest Intel kaby Lake processors. The surface book2 will come with 13.5 displays and 3846*2160 screen resolution.

Latest Update in Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive has made it easy to share the documents, photos and other files from the computer, iOS and other devices. It also allows the users to access all the office 265 files such as work files, a sharable file regardless of whether you are on a PC, Android device, and windows phone. In the latest update of this cloud based software application, the issues are fixed where the photos or videos would sometimes forget to save to the camera. One can also find an added support for the private groups in team sites search.

Enhancement in Windows 10 Security

Microsoft is going to release the new preview build of Windows 10 fall creator in September. There are also some changes in the task manager and the performance tab is being freshened up. The company also brought a lot of gaming changes with the latest update of the windows 10. Users of the windows 10 are also able to assign the amount of the bandwidth that is used to download updates in the background.

The new update in window 10 operating system will include enhanced security features through the built in Windows Defender Security Center. The purpose behind this new upgrade is to secure the protected folders against malicious threats. Enhanced windows 10 security lets the users to manually ass additional folders they want to protect. Along with this, individual can also add applications they want to allow the access.

In fact, if any blacklisted app attempts to make a change in the file having protection then the user will get a notification about it. The company is adding more security features to the next upgrade of windows 10 and also giving their customers more control over the settings.

Upcoming Version of Microsoft Surface Phone

The company is a leading producer of products including tablets, laptops and even smart watches but in case of Smartphone’s, they are far behind. Microsoft is planning to develop new Window 10 based mobile device with surface branding and a blocky design. This will be one of the most powerful devices that company is going to launch. It is expected that the phone has a 5.5-inch display and 1440*2560 resolutions.

The rumors about the surface phone specifications clear that it will have 21 MP snapper on the back and 8 MP on the front side. The surface phone will use the Snapdragon 835 chipsets which support faster charging as compare to many existing flagship phones. The company will also build a fingerprint scanner into the screen.

The release date of the Microsoft surface phone is delayed as The Company switches its focus back to the struggling Window 10 mobile platform. It is expected that the mobile will release in late 2017 or 2018.