There goes a time when one needs to sell their Mac to someone else, to Macbook buying websites (Macback comes to mind), or to Apple themselves. There are also many reasons why one would need to do that, with one of them probably involving the need to upgrade the Mac into a better one.

No matter what the reasons are, parting moments will always come. You need to sell your Mac before it becomes too bad that not even Apple wants to accept it.

But there is an elephant in the room when one wants to sell their Mac: how can one make a Mac sell fast? What are the things that you need to do before you can seal the deal? Check out the things that you need to do before you sell your Mac to someone else.

You need to clean the thing

This is definitely something that should be obvious to you. Before you want to sell all the things in the world, you want to present it as best as you can. To prepare your Mac for selling, you need to clean the thing inside out. Grab some screwdrivers and a small brush or something to brush the dust clean. If you got canned air, you can also use it to spray the dust off your Mac.

If dust is your only problem, then cleaning it should not be too hard. The problem turns bad if you have already put stickers on it. Those sticky remains coming from a sticker can be hard to clean without making a small dent on your Mac. If your Mac is not that old, you can just pry the sticker clean. If it is old, however, you need to do some chemical cleaning, which can further ruin your computer if you are not doing it carefully.

Find a good place to sell it

A Mac is a nice gadget not only when you are using it but also when you are selling it. The Mac (if not all the gadgets manufactured by Apple) is the most ‘capitalistic’ thing you can have in the world. It creates a certain chain of an economy that not all gadgets in the world can make.

While lots of other gadgets from other manufacturers would only end up in the trash can when they are broken, Apple’s gadgets will then be recycled and resold again. The cycle would keep on going until the thing is pretty much junk. Because recycling things create money, hence the reason why it creates a new economic chain that no other gadgets can create.

There are many websites that will accept your used Mac. Apple will give you their gift cards if you sell it to them, but for you wanting a cold hard cash on your hands, you can give other websites like Mackback a visit. At will be given the opportunity to sell your used MacBook for cash that would be instantly delivered to your Paypal account.

Before you meet the buyer, you need to back up all of your data

Backing up your data is probably the thing that you should do before you depart with your computer. A backup process is a process of moving your data from one computer to the other computer or other storing utilities, all in the purpose of saving them for future usage.

You can use a whole lot of applications that are suitable for backing up your Mac data or you can just clone your Mac. The first process is definitely a simpler one but cloning your Mac would give you the most indistinguishable result.

Sign out of all the applications

A Mac got a nice set of applications that would require your ID and password before you can use them. After you have inputted your identification, the Mac will then save your data in the application so that you do not need to relog when you want to use that certain application again.

This would be good when you are still using it, but if you want to sell the MacBook, it would be a bit of a chore. You need to sign out of ALL the applications that you have signed in.

Apps like iMessage, iTunes, and other I’s are only a few examples of the applications. If you have not sign out of the applications, the next hand that holds your MacBook might do something bad with your account.

Even if you are selling to an official Macbook buyer like the one found at, you still need to do this.