List Of Top 10 Popular PHP Framework To Watch-Out In 2020

The technology has eventually transformed the conventional lifestyle, and it has enhanced the standard of living of the people in several aspects. The internet and thee-trading are highly influenced, and things happen, which was unimaginable in the olden days. When it comes to the latest trends in the web development industry, PHP is one of the undeniable domains. A number of developers are now relying on this platform to produce the best performing websites these days.

However, what can expect from the PHP framework and which one can be the perfect choice when it comes to enhancing the scalability and security for the website. Well! If this is your question now, you have reached the right destination to find the most suitable answer. Go through the list of popular and Trending PHP Frameworks that will work well for the startups and must-try ones as per 2020.

  1. Laravel 

Laravel is now considered as the top PHP Frameworks that harmonizes every business needs with the development of the crisp web application as per the needs. With several innovative features and stability of this framework is one of the reasons to rank at the top position among the modern developers. It includes native PHP that significantly offers a strong base to reliable web development without any glitches in the process. Unified data migration, improved security and good development community are some of the vital advantages that no one can ignore with this framework. Overall, if you are looking for a reliable framework for any business perspective, undeniable Laravel is the best option you should look for.

  1. Zend 

If you are the one who is looking for the lightweight PHP framework for their business engaging website development, is it the next optimum choice? When compared to the old ones, it is the one that has improved the framework when looking for the latest version. You can always expect better design and reliability when you choose this. Further, it is the open-source framework that holds the best features that are necessary for quick development, flexible architecture and enhancing productivity.

  1. Symphony 

Currently, Symphony is the one that is more scalable and holds the place in the list of top PHP frameworks for website development. It helps with the fast creation of the web application and website from this platform offers easy maintenance. It offers enough advantages when you are working with components like Translation, validator, Templating, form config, and several others. The framework is gaining more appreciation from the audience for faster web development, long term support, and better security, proven reliability, high flexibility, better security and easy maintenance.

  1. Cake PHP 

It is one of the easiest and best frameworks suggested by several experts from the PHP Development company. It is considered as the PHP CRUD Framework, which is one of the most popular features including Session, cookie, Request handling, e-mail, validation, security and several others. The framework is easy to install, and the developer can use the framework in the web server along with the framework’s copy as well. The coding conversions of CakePHP will also make the coding hassle-free for the coders, and this helps for the faster web development. Other reasons to prefer the framework is, it is the open-source platform for the web developers, cost-effective, documentation is easy, and so it is easy to learn, enhanced security, and superiority compatibility.

  1. Yii 2

It is one of the lightweights, and Trending PHP Frameworks well known with the easy installation process, and it is also possible to extend easily. In this kind of framework, PHP integrates with the CodeCeption that is a popular testing framework. It holds the top place when it comes to back-end frameworks. It allows faster web application development and testing process. It becomes the perfect choice for developing forums, portals, CMS, RESTful web services and e-commerce projects along with several web services. Most importantly, the framework offers optimum performance, security features, less memory usage and lightweight code.

  1. Phalcon 

Phalcon is quite different from the other PHP frameworks as its coding style is based on the C and C++ platforms. It also offers advanced development features to create flawless web applications for users. This framework also comprises exceptional features like asset management, caching, universal autoloader, etc.

As it is easy to use, the new one’s developers understand the frameworks. It is one of the reasons for PHP Development companies to look for such a framework. Moreover, it comes with the best security features, uniquely written on C-extension and many others.

  1. Codelgniter

One of the powerful frameworks to work with the PHP platform is the Codelgniter. With this framework, you need not implement any new configuration, and you will eventually get the compatibility with this standard hosting. If you are looking for exceptional performance and great design experience, Codelgniter becomes an undeniable choice. Apart from this, this framework is well known for user-friendliness. It comes with full-fledged website development that will enhance their business in several ways. This option for customizing and configuration of the framework is easier, which is the ideal option for creating a responsive website for different businesses.

  1. Kohana 

Kohana is one of the well-known PHP frameworks when it comes to dependencies on the libraries and extensions. It is also the lightweight PHP framework that offers ease of working. It assists to control the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and is optimized with the best solutions employed to make it a non dependent one on the other libraries for development. The framework is also driven with support and community. Other important aspects to mention with the framework are security, short leading curve, extremely easy to extend, 100% UTF-8 compatible and loosely coupled architecture.

The bottom line 

PHP is one of the best platforms to choose for different website and web application development. However, choosing the right framework is necessary when you need to enjoy the complete benefits of it. So, here is the list of top PHP Frameworks that will justify choosing PHP platform. Analyze things based on your needs and emerge out with the best choice.