Preloading or duplication is considered to be a procedure of copying data such as videos, files, links, data and music to multiple drives. A customized flash drive formats and copies the data to the remaining of the USB flash drives.  There are several technical ways to copy the data and this article will review the most frequently used and reliable methods.

Ways in which duplication works

When using USB duplication devices, it is important to learn about the different types in the market and the methods they use to make digital copies. There are different pre-loaded software and machines available in the market to duplicate files to a set of USB flash drives. With the use of PC based software solutions, there are ways to copy files and there are ways to make those files read-only on flash drives.

Types of USB duplication

There are mainly two kinds of duplication: Image Copy and File Copy. Let us see both of these types in detail.

Image copy

The most reliable method is getting data to USB via the Image Copy method, which is an enhanced and more trusted means to duplicate a data. Image copy is done by copying information in bits. This ensures the content, drive and layout to be same as the original.

This process formats the drive, copies it, and also verifies it. Verification ensures readability of the content after the data files have been copied to the USB device. This task should not to be missed in the entire duplication procedure. Preload can be verified only in image copy.

File copy

In case of File Copy procedure, the information gets copied and inserted in the available space on the USB drives similar to a drag-and-drop copy method. The target USB will have the same data as the original folder, but the copy method is not binary, rather done using the file allocation table. Verification is built into the file copy process with in Windows so the files will be verified before the copy process is complete.  This reduces any pre-load data write errors..

Advantages of USB duplication in the business

There are several benefits of using a  USB flash drive duplicator in your business. Some of them are mentioned as below:

  • USB drives are considered to be the most convenient, affordable and versatile portable form of memory devices available in the market today.
  • You can use gigabits to distribute files, marketing presentations, software distribution, and product catalogs. All these products serve as the best advertising tools for any firm.
  • These devices come with a customized preloading function, that enables any type of document or file to get duplicated onto several different drives easily. This company uses duplication software to preload hundreds of flash drives in one day. This helps in completing large jobs easily in just a small time period.
  • USB drives are heavily used for advertising purposes and data storage. These flash drives are best suited to be used regularly.
  • If you wish to shift any kind of marketing information in a customized format, then USB flash drives serve as the best option. Due to their remarkable use and lesser price, this product also makes a wonderful promotional gift for users!


Optional equipment, or one might say, complimentary equipment to a USB flash drive duplicator would include a USB flash drive printer.  This gives a company the ability to brand USB drives, on demand and in-house.  Making USB memory read only is another complimentary feature to a USB duplicator because it will make the USB flash drive write protected so the data on the USB cannot be changed, manipulated or deleted off the drive.  Data copy protection is another feature rich benefit a company might consider when putting data to USB memory.  Copy protection will allow anyone to see the file, but no user could save the file, print the file or screen capture the file.  This gives the corporation more security with their intellectual property documents.


USB Duplication is immensely useful in copying different types of data to USB flash drives.  The copy process is instant and efficient. Using a flash drive duplicator system is a time saving device and will pay for its investment very quickly.