Are you looking for something to help you keep compliant with your ELD devices? The Keep Truckin ELD can be one of the best solutions to take. Find out more about this service provider along with the best ELD devices offered.

About Keep Truckin ELD

Keep Truckin ELD is one of the leading manufacturers in the tracking industry in the United States. The company comes with a specific mission to increase the deficiency and probability of those who get involved in the US trucking industry. To achieve the goal, the company has developed products with outstanding technology so that the truck drivers can enjoy optimum services from the manufacturer. The company’s products are designed to provide GPS tracking, IFTA, and electronic logging that will be very useful for those in the trucking industry. In this way, the customers will be able to have a complete ELD solution for their fleet. The best ELD devices offered to come with a compact and lightweight design to allow the manufacturer improve the ease of installation. To install the device, the customers only have to plug the devices into the diagnostic port available in their truck. After that, they can simply install the application on their phone. Not only that, the products offered come with an affordable price and time savings. Moreover, the manufacturer holds Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certificate to proof that ELD devices provided are completely safe.

The Benefits of Using Keep Truckin ELD Services

One thing that makes the Keep Truckin ELD becomes the leading company in the trucking industry is that it provides various benefits that the customers can enjoy. The devices offered by the manufacturer is made use to increase efficiency and improve safety in the customers’ fleet. The devices have the capability to monitor the engine activity proactively and show the users if there is any issue or fault occurs in the unit. In this way, you will be able to keep your truck safe along the way. Another benefit that can be enjoyed by the customers is the ability of the devices to keep the HOS compliance as well as improve operations and reducing costs in your fleet. You may check  for more information. A study conducted by FMCA reveals that installing ELD devices in a truck will help the drivers to avoid 26 lives and 526 injuries in average that often linked to the accident of commercial vehicles in the United States. So, applying the devices of Keep Truckin ELD will be very helpful to help you to avoid traffic accident while driving trucks. Not only that, the company’s products also have the ability to take collision videos. This feature is very useful to find out what really happened when an accident occurs. The products can also help the truck owner to reduce the insurance policy and improve the safety record of the fleet. The manufacturer can also serve to help the truck owners to identify the possible risky behavior of the drivers and address the issue accordingly. In addition, there are also a variety of monthly subscription plans available for the clients to opt based on their budget and preference.