iPhone Repair: 7 of the Most Common Problems

We’d be lost without our iPhones. They help us navigate life, literally and figuratively.

Much like humans display symptoms when we are sick, your iPhone will give off warning signs when it is in need of a repair. Some of these signs are obvious, while others can be easy to miss.

Your iPhone may be easier to fix than you think! Before you panic and buy a new iPhone, read through our list of the 7 most common reasons for an iPhone repair below.

  1. Cracked Screen

We use our phones so often, it is inevitable that we will drop them at some point. Cracked screens are one of the most common iPhone issues that need to be repaired.

Cracked screens are not only an eyesore, but bad cracks can affect your phone’s display or touchscreen capabilities.

In such cases, you will need to have your screen replaced. The good news is, repairing an iPhone screen is cheaper than buying a whole new phone. The good news is, repairing an iPhone screen is cheaper than buying a whole new phone. You can have it repaired by a professional in iPhone repair Pensacola for an affordable price.

  1. Reduced Battery Life

As technology advances, iPhone batteries are becoming increasingly powerful and longer-lasting. Unfortunately, through repeated use and charging, even the strongest batteries begin to lose their power. If your iPhone battery is draining too fast, or won’t charge fully, you will need to replace it.

This is a simple repair, so you won’t be separated from your phone for too long.

  1. Faulty Camera

Just as your phone case and screen can become scratched when you drop your iPhone, the camera lens can become damaged too. If your photos are blurry, distorted, or have lines running through them, your camera lens may be damaged and will have to be replaced.

If your iPhone screen goes blank when you turn on the camera, it is likely a software issue. Here are a few simple ways to fix a blank camera screen.

  1. Water Damage

We all know someone who has dropped their phone in the pool or toilet.

If your phone gets wet, try airing it out or drying it in rice or silica beads. Unfortunately, water damage isn’t covered by your iPhone warranty, so if these tricks don’t work, you’ll have to pay for these repairs yourself.

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  1. Broken Buttons

No matter how well you look after your phone, the buttons are bound to wear out eventually. If your home button, power button, or volume buttons become unresponsive, consider having them replaced.

If the buttons get stuck, there may be dirt and grime in the button cavity. Try these 3 simple steps to fixing stuck buttons.

  1. Lost Data

The iPhone has a solid-state memory with a very long lifespan. However, repeated damage, extreme temperatures, or water damage can all cause your data to become corrupted.

In these cases, it’s unlikely you will be able to recover your data. You can replace the memory board on your phone, but this is a costly repair so in order to avoid this Protect your iPhone from damage by placing it in a protective case

If you are facing errors while transferring data on Mac or iPhone using airdrop then read this AirDrop not working.

Damaged Ports 

As we repeatedly plug our charging cable and headphone jack into our iPhones, the ports can become damaged. If your iPhone keeps disconnecting from your headphones or charger, take it to a service center for repairs.

If you are lucky, your port might simply be dirty. Clean your charging port to see if this solves the problem.

Book an iPhone Repair to Solve These Problems

We rely on our phones for everything from business transactions to entertainment and social networking. Our phones need to function at 100% capacity to meet the needs of our everyday lives.

If your phone is suffering from any of the problems in this list, book an iPhone repair as soon as you can. Once fixed, your phone will feel like new again.

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