Dragon Ball Z is an intense fighting anime loved by people all over the world. Most of the fans of this series only focus on the fighting aspect of the show and don’t even think about the amazing tech which can be found in this show. 

The technology in Dragon Ball Z is pretty advanced! Ranging from a watch which can change your clothing just by the touch of a button, all the way to a wearable device for the eye which can tell you how strong someone is just by a glance. Even everyday vehicles are very advanced in the series. Most of the cars in Dragon Ball Z don’t even have wheels and instead hover over the ground. Similarly, the massive spaceships and airplanes in this series are also quite advanced. 

Dragon Ball radar

The Dragon Ball Radar is a device, which is used to find the location of Dragon Balls. The first version of this device was designed, and built by Bulma. There have been many improved versions of this device after that initial version. The Dragon Balls actually emit a faint electromagnetic pulse which can be detected by the Dragon Ball Radar. Imagine looking for the Dragon Balls without this marvelous device! This device was introduced into the Dragon Ball series from the very start and has been an important part of the show since. 


 The scouter is a small wearable device for the eye. It is mainly used to measure someone’s power level. The scouters can also be used for telecommunication. They were originally invented by the Tuffles, who were the original inhabitants of Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans defeated them and got their hands on this technology and then eventually it ended up in the hands of Freiza. The scouter is a very 

handy device but at times it can fail to do its job because some of the fighters can hide their original power. That is the reason this amazing piece of tech got more and more irrelevant as the story progressed. But hey! They still look very cool! 

Great Saiyaman Watch

 The Great Saiyaman Watch is a device used by Gohan. This watch could change Gohan’s clothing with just the press of a button. Bulma designed this watch for Gohan as he wanted to keep his identity a secret whilst fighting bad people. Later Videl got a similar watch to become the Saiyawoman. This watch is not a big part of the story but I personally was quite fascinated with this piece of tech. I mean, who wouldn’t want their clothing to change with just the press of a button! 

Universal translator

 Sure, there are translation devices in our world too but none of them are this cool. This device is a collar device which can make any language understandable in real-time. It was built by Bulma while she was on Namek. She built it to communicate with her newfound toad friend. Yes, this device even translated toad language! Later however, the little toad turned out to be captain Ginyu who used his new found voice to switch bodies with Bulma. Imagine having this device in real life, we would finally be able to talk to our pets! This device is absolutely amazing and I would love to have something like this. 


 Hovercars are a type of cars in Dragon Ball Z which hover over the ground instead of touching it. These cars are absolutely stunning and quite faster than normal cars. Hovercars are quite common and can be seen on the roads alongside normal cars. These cars have been a part of the Dragon Ball world since the very start. They are extremely cool and we all would love to get our hands on them. I mean, “A car which does not even have wheels?”, you’ve got to be kidding me! 

Capsule Corporation Spaceship

 The Capsule Corporation Spaceship is a special spaceship engineered by the Capsule Corporation. This ship can be used to travel anywhere in space and is quite comfortable. The first version of this spaceship was made by Dr. Brief for Goku. This Spaceship also has different gravity control options which Goku used in order to train for his fight on Namek. The gravity can be changed up to 100 times Earth’s normal gravity, talk about insane!