In the past, people might fail to buy laptop model that they feel satisfied most when buying a laptop owing to economic or other reasons. However, the user will also not change laptop as often as he does to phone or other electronic device. Many users want to use a laptop for a long time. But software aging, laptop slower response or other factors will have adverse impact on user experience and laptop’s work efficiency. In fact, changing some parts can improve laptop’s poor performance. Next, we will introduce laptop’s upgrade strategy.



Generally speaking, a laptop comes with a memory. If a memory chip has the capacity of 4GB, the user can buy memory chip to increase memory capacity. A laptop’s memory is usually placed in an area which can be quickly disassembled. All you need is to remove screws from back, and then you can upgrade memory. has some upgrade guides. If you need to upgrade your laptop, I suggest you read its upgrade guide first.

There is one thing we need to mention. Ultrathin laptop’s memory can’t be changed for it is sealed on the motherboard. We recommend that you can buy memory from Samsung, Kingston or other top brands. If the user needs to add memory chip, make sure that you know your laptop’s memory type. Clearly figuring out which generation DDR3, DDR3L and DDR4 belong to, and then compatibility problem can be avoided.


Hard Disk

When coming to hard disk, some user may feel embarrassed for old laptop only has a hard disk. Some may think that old HDD will have no place to be placed if they change a new SSD. We suggest that you can take out CD drive on the old laptop, and then buy a hard disk tray with CD drive to install.

If your laptop supports the M.2 interface, then you need to figure out the interface’ type: Bkey (SATA) or Mkey (PCI-E). Except type, you also need to know its length. In general, the M.2 interface contains 2242, 2260 and 2280 three parameters.



If the user wants to change a screen (the screen you can find from with high resolution for the old laptop, then figure out if the interface bandwidth is compatible. You can search on the Internet to see if your old laptop’s screen has 1080P version, of course the possibility of low-resolution screen with rigid bandwidth can’t be ruled out. Screen’s power consumption also needs to be taken into consideration. It would be better if the new screen’s power consumption is lower than the old laptop screen’s. Otherwise screen will fail to be lightened when the laptop turns on. New laptop screen usually provides eDP port. It is basically Ok to change a 1080P screen for the old laptop. If the user want to change a new screen with the resolution of 2K or even high, then he needs to figure out whether port supports or not.



In general, the old laptop can still work well once its memory capacity gets increased and it gets new SSD and HDD. It is better for the user to clean the laptop and change silicone to enable the laptop to have better performance on temperature control when changing hardware.