With summer season hitting Australia once again, swimming pools are most likely to get filled again to beat the heat. But in these tough Covid19 times, it is essential to keep safety and cleanliness top priority because no one has tolerance left to bear another extended lockdown again. If adequate measures are not followed, unfortunately, the risk will be high to get various pool water infections.

Although many pool disinfectants are available to kill bacteria and other harmful germs, it is still essential to practice the following steps to have a safe and clean swimming pool experience this season:

1# Do the dirty work outside of the pool:

The first and foremost step is to ensure that you are not taking any dirt with you in your pool. You will read this everywhere that you must not pee in the pool. It is straight-up disgusting, unethical, and extremely harmful for others as well. Stay out of the water if you have any gastric issues. Keep yourself and others safe and clean.

2# Better wait for your turn:

Instead of overcrowding the swimming pool where people are bumping into one another, it’s better to keep hourly slots for swimming. In this way, you will be protecting yourself and others from getting in too much contact with each other. Overcrowded pool parties are the hub of pool accidents too. Follow the dos and don’ts of the pool parties to stay safe. Separate pool hours should be fixed for children, and they must swim under strict supervision.

3# Check the chemistry of water:

It is better to check the pH and chlorine levels in the pool water before going in. Ideal chlorine levels are 1-3mg/L and pH between 7.2 – 7.8 for pool water. Pool test strips are readily available. Testing the pool water chemistry will help you decide whether you want to increase or decrease your pool water’s chemical levels for a germ-free experience.

4# Filtration and rotation:

It is crucial to install the best filtration system for the pool and keep the water rotating because stagnant water can be home to many harmful bacteria and algal colonies. At the start of the season, give the water pool shock for at least 24 hours for optimum results. It is perfect to have the best drainage system for the pools and monitor it to avoid any issues. 

Final advice 

There is enormous evidence present to back up the fact that swimming pools can play the role of a vector to spread water-borne diseases and infections. In these dire times of ongoing pandemic, every individual must be responsible and practice good hygiene. In easy words, your pool will be as clean as you are.