How Electromotive Force Works

From a technological standpoint, we may never understand how electromagnetic waves are produced, how they move through space and their effects on the human body. However, we can understand how they are related to the structure of the human body and how they affect us. There are electromagnetic fields that permeate our living and non-living environments. They surround us in so many ways that we often don’t think about their existence.

What is EMF of light, sound, radiation, and heat? Some sources radiate through objects, while bodies of water or land emit others. Most people have heard of gamma rays or x-rays. These types of radiation are produced by explosions, nuclear weapons tests, and medical treatments.

Electrical &Magnetic

We have become so reliant on these electromagnetic sources that we sometimes overlook the adverse effects of living close to them. Our homes are lined with electrical and magnetic fields. Our cars are also packed with them. The presence of artificial electrical and magnetic fields can affect our health in a variety of ways. They can raise our blood pressure and heart rate. They can stimulate chemical reactions in the body, including the production of certain hormones.

How does this Relate to Health?

Damage to the brain, kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, and lungs can result from electromagnetic exposure. People can become ill from electromagnetic fields. For example, children who live near power lines that span several miles of a line can suffer from severe headaches and ear ringing. Many people who work in areas that produce electromagnetic fields develop hearing problems.

These sources of electromagnetic radiation affect our health by increasing our blood pressure and heart rate. The constant ringing of their ears can drive anyone crazy. Electromagnetic radiation can even affect our brains.

Electromagnetic Waves

How does the above information relate to how does the energy from the environment affects us? If electromagnetic fields are constantly bombarded into our bodies, the cumulative effect can be hazardous. Some researchers believe that electromagnetic fields from cell phones can cause various types of cancer. Other sources of electromagnetic waves can mimic the impact of natural biological weapons, such as gamma radiation. Although scientists have yet to identify a biological weapon, it is known that electromagnetic fields absorbed by our body can cause DNA damage.

How Does the Above Information Tie into Cell Phone Radiation?

Electromagnetic waves power cellular phones. Some companies manufacture phones that intentionally emit electromagnetic waves, which imitate cell phone towers. Researchers have even detected electromagnetic waves emanating from cellular phones!

How Does this all Tie Together?

We should significantly consider the use of electromagnetic generators as a means of cutting down or eliminating the number of electromagnetic fields our body receives daily. One such generator called the Energetic Generator produces free energy that can power your household, water pumps, and automobile. By placing just a few stones in the ground, you can eliminate the number of electromagnetic fields your body is exposed to daily!

The use of an electromagnetic generator does not cause any harm to the surrounding electromagnetic field. The generators work at their best when there is no active transmission of energy. In other words, you will receive the best results when the magnetic field is entirely silent!

How does the Energy from the Environment affect us in our Homes?

Your cell phone does not generate its electromagnetic fields; therefore, your cell phone is only a conduit for what already exists. Your cell phone’s range of operation depends mainly upon the strength of the electromagnetic fields around you. For example, if you are standing in the middle of the ocean and a strong electromagnetic field comes up to your cell phone, you would not experience the “ringing” effect because you are in the middle of the ocean. However, your cell phone is only 5.1 miles away from you, and the electromagnetic field’s strength is concentrated upon you.

Final Thoughts:

This is why your cell phone can only make or receive calls when it is within about five feet of you. The cell phone’s rechargeable battery charges your cell phone’s battery. How does the energy from the environment affect us? This is one question that has been bothering scientists for years. Hopefully, one day scientists will explain this phenomenon and provide us with the answer to the question – how does the energy from the environment affect us.