One of the most fundamental reasons for having an Instagram account is creating a following or a backing whether you are an individual or a business. The following means that the business or the individual has a massive number of likes on posted content translating into consistent followers.

A great number of likes generates following which makes a business or an individual influential on social media. Having such power works towards the advantage of the business or individual. So, how does one get more likes on their Instagram?


High-Quality Photos and Videos

Instagram is a social media platform that solely runs on photo and video content which helps drive the post home. Without the photos and video, the content becomes a bit boring to go through. Make sure that the video and photos being taken are of high quality. This can be as simple as using the latest iPhone or Galaxy phones that will give you great picture quality for posting.

The secret lies within the aesthetic value of great photos that are more pleasing to look at. Pleasing photos will generate more Instagram likes.


Use a Consistent Filter Scheme

Consistency is key in most matters as it reflects reliability. It is also a way to create an identity. Although it may sound perky, using the same filtering scheme builds your business or yourself into a brand. Using a consistent filter scheme gives you a visual identity thus your photos can easily be recognized by your follower’s feeds.

An increased recognition will always get you more Instagram likes and just like your filtering scheme, more consistent likes.


Share Your Posts on Other Platforms

Social media is a wide sector with multiple platforms meaning that different people have different preferences on what platform to use. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter are some of the social media platforms available to billions of users.

Using the different platforms to share your Instagram posts creates awareness about the post. Having more people aware of the Instagram post will prompt them to check it out. If they like it then the business or individual increases their influence by having more likes.


Buy Likes

If you can afford it you can get likes, followers and views for your content. What it means is that one gets to buy likes for their account. One of the best websites for purchasing Instagram likes is The website – enables users to buy likes at affordable prices ranging from $1.79 for 100 likes to $199.99 for 100,000 likes. Delivery time is phenomenal ranging between 15-24hrs.


Partner with an Influencer

An influencer is anybody who has as many likes and followers as your business or yourself. Partnering with them means getting them to take a photo with you or with your product if you’re running a business. It can either be for free or paid for but what the influencer does is increase your reach to more people.

The scenario increases your credibility through social proof as you were seen with the influencer who has a massive social backing. Influencer’s following is likely to increase Instagram likes.