There has been an internet outage in your company? It might feel like you’re diving into the unknown and don’t quite understand what to do, however, this happens to a lot of businesses. It can also happen to you while you’re with your family at home watching a movie on a Friday night. As the majority of people actually don’t know much about troubleshooting, you will probably reach out to your internet service provider to see what the problem is.

In cases of internet outages, what can you actually do? If it’s affecting your business, standing still will only drive you crazy. You will start thinking of all these activities that can’t be performed without the Internet and that will only make things worse. As much as all these things seem terrifying in your mind, the vital thing is that you don’t start panicking. After all, internet outage can happen again and again and again. There’s really not a lot you can do about it. Or is it?

The best solution for this is to educate yourself and your employees well enough, so when there is an internet outage, you will feel calmer knowing that you’ve prepared for this. It can be anything from backing up your data automatically to determining which activities can be done during the internet outages. To help you understand this issue better, we bring you all the things you need to know about internet outages.

What Causes Internet Outages?

An internet outage can be caused due to physical vandal attack where fibre optic cables get cut. In the San Francisco Bay Area, there have been multiple attacks on companies by using this particular method. When such an attack occurs, it causes massive issues to everyone in the area – businesses, home, internet service providers, etc.

Besides that, there are some other causes of internet outages that can also lead to as severe consequences as mentioned above. One of them is network congestion which is also the most common issue when talking about internet outages. It is caused when a lot of people are trying to access a network at the same time in one area. Luckily, it’s also the easiest internet outage type to handle and it’s possible to prevent it as well.

An internet outage can be caused even by a failed link to your service provider. This happens when the link between the service and your device is interrupted and is unable to connect. These failed links can also happen due to downed wires or storms.

Another reason for internet outages is a speed fluctuation from your internet provider which can result from congestion or badly optimize lines by your provider. That easily causes service interruptions and complicates your operations.

We can’t forget to mention equipment failure as not treating your equipment properly can lead to frying process which will unquestionably damage the circuit. Keep in mind that lockups and overloads can result in equipment failure as well. The good thing about it is that almost any issue related to the equipment failure can be resolved very quickly and easily.

There are really numerous reasons for internet outage that can lead to serious consequences if not handled on time and the right way. Thankfully, most of these issues have a solution or a measurement of prevention which will help you to lower the damage degree.

How to Solve Internet Outage?

To avoid numerous connectivity issues that might happen, you can simply plug your computer directly into the port used by Ethernet cables. The best way to start fixing the internet outage is to check your modem. The majority of the issues are solved just by modem rebooting. Unplug it and wait for 30-40 seconds and then plug it back in. You would be surprised to see how many times this simply tactic solves these connectivity issues.

The second way to resolve your internet outage or connectivity issues is by refreshing your computer’s Internet signal or your IP address. As you know, this address changes each time you connect to the Internet. If that doesn’t help, you will need to consult a technician and see what is causing this problem.


Internet outages happen to everyone and it’s impossible to predict when it’s going to happen to you. That’s why it’s crucial that you have your own plan for situations like these. Try to solve the issue as soon as possible so you don’t waste your precious time.