Many people do not like dieting because it seems like a penalty and discipline rather than a self-reformation. They say that if you want to build muscle or lose weight, be ready to say goodbye to your favorite foods. But, do not do that yet because you can have a fit and healthy body by following a flexible diet without depriving you and starving yourself. So, what is flexible dieting? It means being able to transform your body by eating all the food you like every day and breaking free from the anxieties and restrictions associated with dieting.

You may ask how you can lose fat while eating foods rich in carbs every day. Can you call yourself a dieter if you still eat lots of sugary treats? Flexible dieting is turning your daily nutritional and energy needs into an eating habit that you like. Basically, it follows these principles:

  • You eat on your chosen schedule.
  • Do not deprive yourself of any food.
  • Remember that dieting is a lifestyle and not a temporary solution.

You may stumble on some dietary blunders, but you can get back on track again. That is how lenient, flexible dieting is.

How Will It Work for You?

It is worth knowing that there are no specific foods that can directly make your body gain or lose weight. Of course, eating nutritious food is vital for longevity and overall health, but sugar and other sweet foods are not enemies. Successful flexible dieting utilizes the energy balance accordingly, which is the connection between the amount of energy you consume and how much your body burns. What you put inside your body is crucial, especially when you want to lose fat and build muscle. It is about how the foods break down in macros.

Flexible dieting allows you to tailor your food according to your lifestyle, goals, and preferences. In other words, you can eat anything you like at every meal every single day. The best practice is you can fill your body with unhealthy foods such as cookies, pancakes, muffins, chocolates, or ice cream, as long as you get up to 80% of your calorie requirements from nutritious foods. This works well no matter what your body goals are. With flexible dieting, you can be healthy, muscular, and lean as you want. Just remember to eat plenty of nourishing meals than non-nutritious ones.

If It Fits Your Macros

When you hear people saying they are hitting their macros, they refer to a macro diet plan, also known as flexible dieting. You may think that macros are only fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. But, they also include macrominerals, which comprise sulfur, chloride, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium. You should focus more on fat, carbohydrate, and protein if you are aiming for flexible dieting. This is because if you keep track of your macronutrient consumption, the calories automatically fall into place.

To conclude, learning what is flexible dieting becomes easier with the help of the guides above. It is the easiest dietary plan to follow. You can achieve the body form and health you want, and still, get to eat what you want. If you get tired of a certain food or meal during the process, you can change them with something else as long as they fit your numbers.

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