Nothing can be more pleasant than seeing people riding on the giant electric bikes. More and more people are getting electric bikes to travel around their places. The number of electric bikes on the planet can easily surprise you because of its popularity among people. People prefer to buy these because these are more convenient, affordable and best to use to travel anywhere around in the best possible way.

Although these bikes are there for years but still people are getting more and more electric bikes every day which is increasing their popularity continuously. Even more, electric bikes are being preferred to avoid high expenditures of cars, frustrating traffic on the roads and regular parking fees. It is because electric bikes a better option which will keep you away from all of these things in the best possible way. With the addition of technology, these are the few things which are keeping electric bikes at the top of the list as a perfect mean of transportation.

However, if you have an electric bike then you need to understand the fact that the electric bikes also require proper maintenance as your ordinary bicycle or any other vehicle has. Although taking care of your electric bike is similar to the regular bikes but here come a few exceptions to which can make the maintenance process of your electric bike different with ease. It is highly important to find the best ways for the maintenance of electric bikes to keep them in a perfect condition with ease. Well, for your ease here we have brought a most effective guide for your electric bike maintenance.

The most effective guide for maintenance of electric bikes

Do you want to know how to keep your electric bikes maintained? Here are a few amazing tips which will help you in this regard:

Electric bikes

1.   Drivetrain Maintenance

For all purposes and intents, electric bikes are the bikes which still need human power and therefore, it is important to prefer regular maintenance in the same way as you do for your traditional bike. Even more, regular service of your suspension and drivetrain is highly recommended. Clean the chain links properly with a brush and warm water and dry that off. Now, this is the time to lubricate its chain.

Keep your chain lubricated

This is one of the most important tips to consider for anyone who wants to keep his electric bike in a perfect condition for a longer period with ease. Use a good lubricant to keep your chain lubricated. It will help you to experience a smoother ride on your bike in the best possible way. Even more, it will keep your bike from squeaky noise which can be irritating. Apply a good lubricant on the chain and let that sit for a few minutes. After that, wipe out the excess lubricant from the chain. Eventually, you may find a need to degrease to remove the dust or dirt from the chain. And yes, this is done.

2.   Battery Maintenance

It is always important to keep the batteries of your electric bike effectively charged even whether you want to store it for a season or want to use it regularly. Well, all of the electric bikes are based on lithium batteries. To keep them protected and to ensure better battery life, here are a few things which you take care of.

  • When you have to store your battery, keep that under 39 degrees. It is the easiest solution to remove the battery of your electric bike and store that inside.
  • If you want to store the battery for a longer time, it is highly recommended for you to charge it once every 3 months. It is important to keep the battery topped off, do not leave the battery discharged for a longer time and not leaving the battery under the hot sun even you are not using that. However, it is always a better option to keep the battery topped off.
  • It is always recommended to clean your battery connectors with an alcohol-based or isopropanol cleaning agent to ensure effective working of battery.

If you are not going to take good care of the battery of your then the things may go wrong. Most of the workplaces are OK with workers charging their batteries. Keeping it topped off is effective for overall battery life and will let you have an unexpected trip, too.

3.   Tire and Inner Tube Maintenance

It is always highly important to consider tire pressure of your electric bike and pay attention to the tube maintenance. Lower tire pressure will affect the battery and can make it lose power quicker. It is because, with lower tire pressure, the motor of the bike has to work harder to produce required torque.

4.   Brake Maintenance

Brakes of your electric bikes are highly important because you have to rely on these to ensure your safety in the best possible way. These can help you to slow down or come to your stop perfectly. Therefore, keeping the brakes of your electric bike is always important for their effective working. Different brakes’ types needed different maintenance. However, here are a few common types of brakes from which you can consider yours:

  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes: it is a sealed tube in which hydraulic fluid applies pressure to the rotors and brakes.
  • Rim Brakes: these are engaged with a lever which will pull a cable that is connected with the brake pads to slow down.
  • Mechanical Disk Brakes: In this brake of the bike is connected with a rotor that is attached with the wheels.

You can check the type of your electric bike’s bake to get into more details.

5.   Motor Maintenance

Most of the motors in electric bikes are sealed and it can become harder to service them. However, if you are going to pay more attention to the elements which can put pressure on the motor then this can ultimately protect the motor of your electric bike. If you got a need to service motor then it is recommended to visit a professional service provider to get effective services. It is because putting your own hands in this process may lead you to damage.

6.   Cleaning

It is always better to clean your electric bike after every ride to keep it in a perfect condition but it also depends on your riding distance and style. A good rule is if you are using it thrice a week then prefer to clean it weekly. However, it is always better to put a strong water stream on your bike because it can affect the electric parts of the bike negatively. Wash it with less water and take dry clothes to dry off your bike.

7.   Weather

It is always important to protect your bike from harsh weather outside, too. It is always recommended for you not to keep your electric bike out in the snow and rain. However, it is always better to store your electric bike at somewhere at dry place and to protect its battery you have to keep your electric bike out of direct sunlight. It is because overheating batteries can cause severe problems. It is also recommended for you not to unseal chargers and casings, etc. if you are not able to reseal them effectively. It is because this will make them more susceptible to extreme weather conditions and water damage.

8.   Electrical Problems, what to do?

If you are experiencing any electrical faults in your electric bike, it is highly recommended to contact the dealer from whom you have purchased this bike. They are experienced and can help you in this matter in a better way. If you are unaware of the electric parts of your bike then it is always better for you not to take any of these parts apart. Avoid removing any plastic covers because these can damage the internals of your electric bikes and will also invalidate the warrantees. Therefore it must be done from an electric bike’s technician. However, if you have decided to fiddle, it is important to have a magnetic tray or any other similar thing to contain bolts because these may drop out when you will open the case.

Even more, before contacting your dealer, you should check electrical connectors. This is the simplest problem which can occur with a hard hit on the road. Also, check that the battery is placed securely and also ensure clean and corrosion-free contacts. If it is something which you are unable to understand then go straight to your dealer and get effective services in the best possible way.

To ensure proper working and good condition of your electric bike you must pay more attention to the regular maintenance of your bike in the best possible way. If there occurs any problem which you do not understand then it is better to contact a professional technician.

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