Video Editing Software

As the world is going digital or way of expressing or communicating are also become digital. People use videos to express their ideas, views to share their knowledge by recording vlogs or their journey through videos. They post videos in channels like Youtube, Instagram IGTV, Facebook or other areas. After recording of any videos it needed to edit before uploading in the sites. Currently there are many videos editing software available in internet. Some are of paid version and some are free version. Many people uses free version as it does not need to pay anything to use.

If you want to do this editing type of work you must require a good running laptop or pc for this. If you are having any type of difficulty running your Laptop you can visit dell repair center near thane.

Here are the lists of some Free Video Editing Software for windows are:

  1. OPENSHOT: It is a free video editing software with some good features and easy to use. While easy using anyone can easily edit unlimited videos clips of videos. The best feature of this app till now is slow motion, adding subtitles and titles to any videos, and also editing of audio and videos. Some features also include are 3D animations, can remove background image. Can adjust its brightness in any videos; add watermarks and overlays by remixing it.
  2. LIGHTWORK: Light work is one of the most powerful free video editing software available in the internet for windows. It has some great useful features to use in free version. Its great use for editing of videos for youtube as it can edit of 4K video support. Some features of this app are: Support above 720p for youtube, Support wide range of videos, and support multicam, video trimming. Compared to others free software it has many video tutorials to make it quicker and run smoothly.
  3. BLENDER: It is one of the best free video editing software available as it is an open source program so easy to use for anyone. In this software one can easily perform actions like cutting of videos, masking of videos, splicing of any video. It’s good for both beginners and professional users to use it. The great features of this software are: Mixing of audios, syncing, scrubbing and visualization of waveforms; preview live videos ,luma waveform and displays of histogram, adding videos ,images, audio effects in 32 slots available, Speed of video can be controlled with adjustment layers, Link for download: Https://
  4. CYBERLINK POWER DIRECTOR: It is the professional free video editing software suite available till now that gives professional results to the users. Here in this software one can edit a short video clips to a full movie. The software allow user to add transitions, effects, and text with resolution starting from 1080p to full HD to 4k. Some of its features are: can edit 360 degree videos, easy to drag and drop audio tracks and videos or can add soundtrack and has stabilization facility. Other options include slideshow creator, storyboard mod, standalone purchase, Pip editing, chroma key tool and many other more. Link to download Https://
  5. HITFILM Express: it is also the free video editing software to make videos. IT contains same basic features as others like audio editing, trimming, splicing and many more It has over 180 types of effects available to use and also best all round free video editing software. Some people uses and gets it more difficult to use it. Its both free uses and also to pay small prices if you opt to use some basic premium features. Some basic features are as follows: provide green screen effects, layers and masking of any videos, tools for compositing, filters for both audio and videos, extra advance cutting tools but it takes some time to learn to use the software.
  6. SHOTCUT: Shortcut is the free video editing software and also a open source code program and cross platform video editor. The features of this software are it supports wide range of video format, Supports resolution of 4k transport option includes from SDI, HDMI, Webcam, JACK& Pulse audio, IP stream, X11 screen. Provides intuitive interface t work, encode from a variety of video formats, check integrity of audio or video files or formats. If you are working on 4k and HD videos then it will be of great use. Link to download Https://
  7. DAVINCI RESOLVE 16: As it is also the free video editing software available developed by Blackmagic, It has many video features but interfaces are intuitive. Here you can work on all 2D, 3D, titles to your video; also here you can slice the video and trimming of master audio and correct color, Like others it has same features like editing of multicam, correction of color, mastering of audio, But here some tutorials are not free. Some of the Hollywood movies edited by this software.