To find a job is exciting and interesting when one is done with graduation and is now looking for a good opportunity to grab. But everyone is not lucky enough to find and get any job in the first catch, let alone a perfect job of his interest. During this process a job seeking individual keeps on dropping his resumes where he finds an appropriate and suitable vacant place to work at, but gets no response. That’s totally natural to feel upset at the moment where you find no response and constant rejection of your CVs.

It isn’t a matter of getting a job only, but if you have specifically earned your degree in any specific subject, your search for a job narrows down! For example, a student who is great at his subjects in technological studies, would look for IT jobs, or the one who wants to become a professor in his relevant subject, would be more inclined to search educational institutes, and this kind of list goes on.

People are hired and some are not even considered. A constant rejection or no-responding happenings may lower the self-esteem of you. But why this happens? Though there are huge companies and sectors to the applicants, why is it that it constantly appears to be the same situation whenever you apply anywhere and end up with no affirmative response?

Let’s reflect on points that are responsible for such happenings.

If your Resume Isn’t Catchy..

While an applicant applies, he is not the only one who is keeping a high hope to get the job, but rather there are plenty of other people or we can say a “crowd” waiting to get a positive response. So, what’s the thing that makes the recruiters select you too for a job interview or consider your profile? The only first thing that a recruiter can sight and make your image is your Resume!

You have to be selective and differentiable that would beat other people and the recruiter will be impressed and inclined to pick your resume and gets no reason to ignore it!

A boring and way simple resume is often rejected – as it is not appealing or catchy. As they get a huge number of applicants for a job, they don’t have time to go through every single resume, but rather they only get to have those individuals, whose resume they find well organized, decent and precise.

Follow These Tips Once You Are Hired.   

Job seekers need to beware of scams, as a lot of people will ask them to register without giving much information about the company. So, to avoid such frauds, keep these things in mind. 

  • Be skeptical, do not fall for extraordinary offers. 
  • Before joining contact, the best police department such as Australian police check (If you are in Australia) to check the company owners’ IDs. 
  • Decide the salary and perks before accepting the job offer. 

Now the System of Hiring has Become Way More Difficult than it Was Previously…

In past years, let’s say a couple of decades ago, there used to be a different system of hiring any individual for a job. People were not supposed to be highly skilled for the purposed job, but rather the hiring company or sector was flexible enough to hire people and train them accordingly. As today is a fast-paced era, there is merely a chance of such opportunity but rather companies require an already well-trained individual to work for them. This is why you would have been frustrated enough to see the job opportunities requiring applicants who have solid years of experience in the relevant field!

Nevertheless, it is still never impossible to get the response from a desired company. But before that, make sure your resume meets the criteria and is good enough to get the attention of a recruiter at first sight. Good luck for your future!