Buying a Used Apple Mac, what to look for

In 2020 alone, Apple sold over 22 million Macs to customers around the world. From the beefy Mac Pro to the sleek MacBook Air, Apple’s computers are more popular than ever.

And more cluttered than ever, too.

As Macs explode in popularity, more and more customers are looking for ways to clean and organize them. With so many people working from home, their Mac and MacBook storage is becoming crammed with all sorts of work and personal files.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of organizational tips and tricks to clean your MacBook or desktop Mac. Let’s check a few of them out!

Use the Built-in ‘Smart’ Functions

Your Mac already comes with a few handy tools to keep your desktop or MacBook files tidy, like Smart Folders.

With Finder’s Smart Folders, you can set your Mac to clean and organize itself. For example, say your job means you work with lots of photos, text documents, and databases. Ordinarily, you might dump them all in a ‘Work’ folder, or try to separate them and inevitably forget.

With Smart Folders, it’s all taken care of. You can create three folders: photos, text docs, and databases, and set your Mac to automatically assign each file type to the right folder.

Easy, right?

You can get even more granular. Maybe you want to put text documents containing the phrase ‘Alice and Bob’ in one folder, and the ones containing ‘Alex and Austin’ in another. You can do that too!

So why not let your Mac take care of the cleaning up?

Consolidate, Clean and Organize

Keeping things organized is important, but having too many folders for your desktop Mac and MacBook files can spell doom for your attempts to keep tidy.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to merge your folders and photo libraries if they’re spiraling out of control.

Condensing your sprawling empire of files to a few (smart) folders will make your life much easier. It will also give you an opportunity to delete the duplicated files you’ve accidentally ended up with over the years. That can save a shocking amount of space.

Make sure to be just as ruthless with your photo libraries. Photos and videos can swell to huge sizes, so staying on top of them can give you plenty of storage back.

It can also be pretty involved, so if you’d like to get more in-depth with photo library management, check out this post.

Work With Your Mac, Not Against It

Your Mac was designed by some pretty clever people, and they all have to keep their Macs tidy too. If you just pay a little attention to what you save and where you keep it, your Mac’s functions can clean and organize the rest.

By combining your attention with your Mac’s features, you can have a computer work environment that’s as sleek, clean, and consolidated as the Mac itself.

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