B2B marketers infused SEO strategies to expand their target market via link building and sharing. When it comes to building and spreading your website, there are vast possibilities to consider. Imagine a researcher who found your product in the endless data and web competitions in Google. Isn’t that amazing? Well, that’s what you call an SEO.

It is important to understand the core concepts of search engine optimization. You should know all the necessary steps to highlight your web content to the public. However, before we reveal the 5 backlink strategies that people often miss out, why not read first the three steps about enriching your SEO content?

Overview: The 3-Step Tactics to Run Your SEO

In building up your brand, you should perform the three stages in search engine optimization. First, start doing the outreach-based linking. In this step, the tasks require data mining work and boosting your web content to the public such as affiliate marketing, offering scholarships, and link reclamation. Technically, it involves sharing the URL until someone will discover it and reshare it as well.

Second, consider the submission-based backlink and help a wide range of community with their problems. In this stage, you serve as an influencer and drive the public to share your significant thoughts. Some examples of this trick include forum posting and infographics.

Finally, it’s now time for a call-to-action process in building up your brand. It is popularly known as the exchange-based backlink. In this technique, you will need to propose to various website owners to help them with the web content in exchange for a backlink. If you notice, there are several owners who find guest posting the best source for a backlinking.

Now, you know the three main concepts of the SEO. You might notice that most websites have already gone through these steps. Hence, it is more likely that web owners are just focusing on the popular SEO enriching techniques and forget about the other strategies. Now, it is the time to reveal the 5 Backlink strategies which are often being ignored.

5 Backlink Strategies that You Should Not Avoid

1.      Events and Conference Sponsorships

Attending and sponsoring events offer a great deal to expose your brand. You can do a live seminar or webinar in order to reach your customers. Think of a great item for your giveaways and set up booths to allow the attendees to participate and buy your products or services.

In this event, you may create online sign up forms and get the emails of the attendees. Using their contact list, you can share your brand through their emails and offer amazing products and services. The attendees will turn into customers and these potential buyers can also refer your products and services to someone else.

When the customers are satisfied with your brand, they will recommend it to the others. In this way, the word-of-mouth marketing will start and help you attract more customers to patronize your brand.

2.      Create and Promote Digital Assets

A digital asset requires a hard time work and budget to produce the product. You may do it on your own or look for a freelancer to help you build the digital product. It can be an eBook, video, webinar, photography, graphic arts, courses, and more.

It is easy and convenient to share links from your digital assets and help you boost SEO rankings. Link your website to the product and share it with the public. Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are some of the best online platforms that allow you to sell digital products.

Moreover, these online shopping sites are already well-established and popular in the market. Hence, it will be convenient for you to sell your products. You may also register to PPC marketing companies to help you advertise the products. For more information about promoting digital products,

3.      Partnerships for SEO and Marketing

For every successful business, there are brilliant minds behind the story. Do you believe in the saying two heads are better than one? In most cases, this is true and proven. When two minds are working, the synergism takes place.

How are you going to apply this principle in SEO and backlinking? Well, you should find a trustworthy partner that will help you promote your website at the same time promoting their website as well. Guest posting is one of the good examples to do this concept.

However, you cannot ask the web owner to help you boost your website even more. Usually, it is just a form of a give-and-take relationship. You provide free content writing and in exchange, they will help you with the backlinking.

In a partnership, you don’t seek for a short-term relationship only but rather a life-time plan. To do this, you can create proposals and mention all your credentials in the business correspondence. Check out the forums and actively engage in the community. For sure, you will find a reputable partner to work alongside with you.

4.      Optimizing Your Website for a Mobile Screen

According to Joel House Perth SEO Company, most people around the globe spend their time using their smartphones. Optimizing your website for a mobile-ready layout is an important step to boost your SEO. If your website is not mobile-ready, you are losing around 69% traffic to your page.

How can a mobile layout website help you with the backlinks? Generally, it is convenient to share messages across the globe using smartphones. You can bring it anywhere since it is portable and manageable to use. When a person encounters an interesting website, video, images, or article, he can easily share the link using his smartphone. Imagine how many millions of social media people used their smartphones to share a single link?

5.      Partnering with the Best Technology

In the world of SEO and marketing, success belongs to the people who can utilize the best technology. There are different apps, software, and platforms to help you with the backlinks. You can monitor the links, check external link count, view the social shares and more.

Some apps can also help you fix any broken link, check the anchor texts, and review the competitor’s backlink strategies. Neil Patel, a web influencer and SEO expert, has mentioned the top-notch apps to help you optimize your SEO. According to him, here are the best apps and sites to consider:

  • Monitor Backlinks
  • Buzz Stream
  • Pitchbox
  • Check My Links
  • Linkbird
  • Linkstant
  • Grouphigh
  • Whitespark
  • Linkody
  • Broken Link Builder

Backlinking may be complex at first, but once you mix the right resources, it will surely work out for you.