The biggest hate for most gamers other than their competitors is lag. There is nothing worse than suddenly catapulting to somewhere else when you were sure you had a kill shot lined up. Often, people assume lag is caused by slow internet and they simply need to get a package with more bandwidth. Actually, you do not need huge speeds to play games online and lag is caused by other outside factors.

So what can you do to speed up your online gaming connection?

Play When Fewer People are Connected

One of the biggest causes of lag is when several people are connected to the same internet and doing bandwidth-intensive activities. If you are playing a game while two others are streaming movies or downloading files, your lag will increase. Rather than starting a war with everyone in your household, try to play games at times when others are not connected.

Consider speaking to the others in your household about creating a schedule so that you can play unaffected. This also means that you have to stop playing when they want to do something bandwidth-intensive.

Use A Gaming VPN

It can be difficult to understand how a VPN could speed up your online gaming connection. You connect to a server using an encrypted tunnel and then connect to the internet from there. In theory, this should slow down your connection due to taking a longer route to the gaming server you are connecting to.

A gaming VPN, however, is designed to give you an optimal route to that server. Many ISPs use unconventional routing so it is possible that a specialized gaming VPN could provide a quicker route. Besides that, a VPN can help protect against cybersecurity threats. You can learn more about them at Internetetsecurite.

Close all Background Applications

If you have Youtube open and are downloading a movie at the same time as playing, you will affect your ping when playing a game. Close everything that you do not need. This includes all browsers and software that may be running in the background. A good way to do this is to open task manager and look at what is running. Be careful not to close anything your system needs to run though.

Now Game With Less Stress Thanks to Less Lag!

Those are just some of the solutions to reducing lag and latency but there are plenty of other methods you can use should they not work. For now, try the above and see if that has improved your gaming experience. If not, perhaps look around for some other tips that could help to prevent lag and improve latency when playing.