Buying a new laptop is a satisfying feeling. In a similar way to buying a new car, you get the fresh new smell and just cannot wait to test it out and see what it can do. Of course, a new car already comes with all the best safety features installed, so you can just hop in and take it for a drive. With a laptop, this is not the case. You have to find the best security software and install it before you can really give it a test run.

So what should you be installing on your brand new laptop? Here are our suggestions:

  1. Antivirus & Firewall

Often packaged together but also available separately, antivirus and firewall software are the most important pieces of software to install on your laptop F95Zone. You want to protect your investment after all!

Antivirus software helps to keep your system clear of viruses while a firewall is designed to stop unauthorized programs from accessing the internet and downloading trojans and malware.

2. VPN Software

The next step to a secure laptop is to use VPN software. These give you an encrypted connection when online and can also bring several other benefits. That encryption means that you can surf anonymously. Trackers, hackers and even your ISP will not see your online activity.

As well as improved online privacy, that encryption also improves your online security. Other benefits include being able to connect to the internet from other countries to bypass geo-restricted content. Find out more about VPN software at Internetetsecurite.

3. A System Cleaner

After sustained use, your laptop will pick up a lot of junk files and unused programs that will slow it down. A system cleaner will monitor your system, regularly clean up your hard drive, and optimize it so that it runs at its optimum. Temporary internet files and your cache are repeatedly removed and it will suggest which system processes and startup applications to turn off.

Think of it as the guardian of your system that is always making sure that everything is working as it should be. There are some great cleaners out there with some even offering a free version you can use.

Now for the Fun Part

Whilst essential software, none of the above is exciting. You just need to get it out of the way so that you can have peace of mind that your system is being protected. Besides, once it is all installed and protecting your new laptop, you can start to enjoy your new machine properly. Get all your movie and music apps, games, browsers, and programs installed and you can really start to see how your new laptop performs.