Do you play or maybe love the tycoon strategy game? Behold, you will be pleased this year. In 2019, there will be many great tycoon games that you can try. Graphic, gameplay, and story-wise, are all very promising. Now, let’s take a peek at the best tycoon games 2019 that you can try.

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  1. The Architect: Paris

By looking at the spoiled image, we can say that the graphic is really good. You might need to use a higher spec computer to play this game. The detail of every object, especially the building and landmark, are amazing. How about the gameplay?

The gameplay is pretty similar to the most tycoon or city building game. You need to listen to the citizen demands and build the city, so it will satisfy your citizen. However, in The Architect: Paris, you also have the ability to design your own Paris. So, it’s a really interesting game to try. The launching date is yet to be announced. We just need to wait patiently.

  1. Tropico 6

This is the newest series of Tropico game, which means you know how it will be if you played the previous series. It still has similar gameplay, where you control an imaginary country. In this new series, there are many improvements, especially in the graphics quality, as well as new features. The new features are multiple islands, new research system, a new espionage system, and many more.

The graphic is also amazing, especially the contour of the nature of your island. So, you will be pleased not only with its gameplay. But, the beautiful graphic will also give you another great experience in playing this tycoon game. This game will be released on January 25th, 2019.

  1. Industries of Titan

If you love fantasy or futuristic type tycoon game, Industries of Titan is one of the best choices for you. In this game, you will build a city or maybe a human colony on the moon. However, the moon that we are talking about here isn’t the moon that we usually see at night. But, it’s one of the Saturn’s satellites, the Titan. So, you can expect the different situation than what you can find on Earth-themed tycoon game.

The graphic is awesome. You can feel the future feeling on the design of the vehicle, building and other parts of your city. The gameplay is similar to other tycoon game. You need to maintain your city, get the income, the war against other civilization and many more. It’s so fun because it uses a different theme. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about its release date. So, you need to wait.


Those 3 are the best tycoon games 2019 from our point of view. However, there are many other tycoon games that you also can try. For example, there is Mashinky, The Universim, and the latest from a famous series of Anno, Anno 1800. We can say, for you the tycoon game lover, 2019 will be the best year you can have.