Microsoft is the most trusted and most popular producer of office suit soft tool. This software has to be activated with MS office 2010 key which is different for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Not everyone can easily access MS Office 2010 product key as it is available only when the software is brought. However, online is the best place to access the working keys of MS office 2010 where it is provided free of cost. Some of the working keys for 32-bit and 64-bit software are provided in this article too.

Main features of MS Office 2010

Office 2010 stands out from the previous versions in terms of user-friendliness and features. It is designed to fulfill the requirements of various kinds of work profiles and functions in a purely role-based manner. The software fits aptly the work requirements of people belonging to research and development, sales force, HR department and so on.

New features introduced in MS Office 2010

MS Office 2010 is made better with the introduction of some new features, such as:

  1. background removal tool,
  2. a screen capture tool,
  3. SmartArt templates, and
  4. Author permissions.

Other changes include replacement of Office Button of previous MS Office with Menu Office Button in 2010. This button gives full access to the full-window feature called Backstage View. The quick sharing and printing of files has been enabled with the help of this feature.

Most of the new features in MS Office 2010 have been designed to enable actionable features so that enhanced productivity and time-saving can be achieved.

The suite comes with media and picture editing tools quite useful for designers and developers.

The paste option has also been modified for enabling selection of multiple options so that the paste can be done exactly as desired and without repeating the task to include more conditions.

Another option is Broadcast Slide Show that allows broadcasting of the presentations to the chosen groups on social media and on other platforms.

How to know the bit version of MS Office 2010

Since you always must know the bit version before trying the activation key, here is an easy way explained to you for knowing it.

1: Reach the MS Office Installation folder on the PC.

2: Hover over the executable file, right click it and select ‘Properties’

3: You will find ‘Details’ Option under properties. Click on it to know the version of your system whether 32-bit or 64-bit.

How to activate the product key to enable MS Office 2010

Product key is required to provide exclusive access to the users who have bought the office suite. This key is also the guarantee of genuineness of the software. The activation can be done using internet and also by using the mobile phone.

Activation by using internet

This is the recommended way of activating the MS Office 2010 key. Once it is selected, the process takes the user to the wizards required for licensing set ups. The role of wizard is to verify the authenticity of the product. Once the authenticity is ascertained, the suite is ready to use. But, in case of error, one can try fixing the error using these steps:

  1. The set up wizard advises you to choose the product key again. You can input the key again and restart the process from the start.
  2. You can also visit the sites that offer working authentic product keys. And choose another one to carry out activation process.
  3. After inputting the activation key, the wizard takes some time for verification of the version such as Professional, Business or Standard.
  4. However, if this process does not work, the buyer can try the mobile phone method.

Activation by mobile phone

In the mobile phone method, you can ring the Microsoft Activation Center. To do this, following steps are to be performed:

  1. On your product, you will find Microsoft Product Activation Number. You have to dial this number to reach the Microsoft representatives active in your area.
  2. The support executive will provide you a confirmation ID for activating the MS office 2010 product key.
  3. Now, open the Microsoft Office installation wizard by accessing the MS Office 2016.
  4. There you will find ‘activate using mobile phone’ as an option for activating the product key. Select this method.
  5. Once done, you enter the confirmation ID received from the professional, when prompted and the rest of the process is carried with the help of on-screen instructions given.

Can activation of product key be avoided?

Users may enjoy trial period to avoid the activation process. But, once the trial period is over, activation of the key is essential so that the users can continue enjoying the benefits of MS office 2010.

The users of MS Office 2010 need to activate the product key mandatorily. Their inability to do so may force them to stop using the office suite. So, it is better to activate the key while the installation process or after the culmination of trial period.

To conclude,

MS Office 2010 is the office suite for the present times. It is enriched with user-centric features and helps the users from various fields to accomplish their tasks easily. Activating the product key is easy too and does not require anyone to have technical knowledge. So, take help of the methods mentioned above for the best MS Office 2010 experience.