Over the past decade, the use of the Internet by people in Hong Kong for work and life services has become increasingly common, according to Statistical Reports from the Department of Census and Statistics. Currently, out of every 100 people in world, 34.7 are actively using the Internet. The creation of a company website to build a successful Internet business platform has become an important part of creating a corporate image and promoting products.


Importance of a mobile site

The number of third and fourth generation mobile broadband users (3G and 4G) has increased to 14.15 million, a substantial increase of 21.9% per year in the period from 2010 to 2020. Mobile technology is no longer just for young people , since it is gradual finding its way in the life of the highest agreed segment of the population. As mobile broadband is becoming increasingly popular, the use of mobile phones and tablets for purchases is also increasing. Whether on the way to work or at home on the couch, you can easily shop at any time in your spare time. Therefore, a responsive and cross-platform design website is one of the most important tools to win your business today. https://www.templatemonster.com/ is providing you on the best rates.

No more homemade cookies.

In recent times, web design and development has become a very professional field. 10 to 20 years ago, it didn’t take long to write your own website. But a website written at that time would not be very useful from the current business point of view. You must create a modern web design and at the same time consider the design of UI and UX, SEO, back-end technologies, and that requires specialized knowledge and experience.

In addition, web development is becoming increasingly advanced; Programs like Dreamweaver are no longer powerful enough for modern web development. For example, sensitive web design and CSS animations need in-depth programming knowledge to make websites look attractive and professional.

SEO is another area that requires professional service. You need professional knowledge to tactically plan your SEO in order to increase your website traffic. Techniques such as link building, page speed optimization, content refinement and structural data affect the way search engines like Google rank your website. Which means that without a professional guide, there won’t be many people coming to your website, no matter how beautiful and impressive it is.

Think before choosing to use templates choose best one to buy .

You may be tempted to buy a design template from one of the many sites that sell them, possibly due to the low price. But consider the drawbacks: responsive templates are generally developed based on a specific back-end system, such as WordPress, which means it will be limited to that platform. Another drawback is that a template is generic and, in most cases, it will not be perfectly qualified to represent your business. Finally, other websites may use the same template as you or the like, which means that your website will not look unique or stand out choose . templatemonster recommend you according to your need.

The solution is to find a provider that provides customized services. The cost will be higher, but the website will generate more long-term value. The difference in web design can cause a more than 100-fold increase in site traffic. A successful website needs great design and good marketing strategies. An attractive and well-constructed interface can keep users on the site, reducing the bounce rate. (The bounce rate is the number of users who leave your site without clicking on any other page). That means that even if SEO increases traffic, you should prevent visitors from leaving your website. That is what SEO companies will not tell you because they don’t know web design and programming.

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