This has always been an extremely pressing matter for all of the cyber industries globally that data present on board is not secured by ambient methods. Such as cyber criminals or hackers can easily get to the source of data by infiltrating the networking side of things. This is one of the most irritating aspects of the cyber security world. The bottom-line here is that the industries or IT-based businesses are not willing to secure their assets as much as the hackers are willing to break off their security systems and steal their data. 

This sudden shift always keeps the IT world in peril and full-time chaos with the security of the systems and infiltration by hackers. 2020 is not going to be any different, if anything, then the scale and magnitude of the attacks being commenced are only going to increase over time. Suitable schematics need to be implemented if companies or IT businesses want to tackle the dark times that are about to come in terms of cyber security. There are plenty of reasons stating the reason such as why information security is more at risk in 2020; 


  • Insider threats


One of the most overwhelming aspects of cyber security in 2020 is going to be the insider threats. According to various surveys and reports, about one-third of the cyber breaches take place because there was an insider supplying crucial information to the hackers or cyber criminals. It can’t be said that all of the cyber breaches in 2020 are going to be insider jobs, not all of them of course but the confidence can’t be placed on the inner personnel of the company as well. This is a matter of conflict and this is going to cause a lot of problem in 2020 for the cyber security and related systems. 

Although a variety of new and improved measures can be taken to stop the insider jobs becoming successful in their pursuit of pulling off a cyber breach. Such as employee monitoring along with end point data loss prevention software system the chances of the insider threats becoming the reason for a cyber breach can be brought to a minimum.


  • Phishing scams


You must be wondering that phishing is maybe the oldest trick in the book and there is no more space for this classic in 2020, but you might be wrong. Phishing scams were the greatest of them all when it came to bringing down the companies and IT conglomerates based on a simple or mere fraction of trusting the source of incoming data. But phishing scams have made the industry suffer more than someone is willing to give them credit for and 2020 is not going to be any different at all. 

The main reason for this aspect is because phishing scam is solely based on the weakness within human nature to trust the others and this can’t be simply cracked or solved with a few technical tweaks. Specific training oriented for the sake of understanding the logistics of Phishing and training the employee to steer clear of it must be endorsed. Phishing can’t only target the employees with the help of emails or fake phone calls, there are literally many other methods using which this mere task can be pulled off. 

In the near future say 2020 the deception of technology is going to affect the IT based systems the most basic illicit sources could be masked with potentially authorized or trusted sources and practical permission would be granted to the masked sources. These masked sources would turn out to be the false or pretentious illicit cyber criminals sitting behind the curtains, running the show and gaining access to the secured systems after all. 


  • Exposed databases


Data can be stored with two potential systems, either it is stored on-board within the data center of the dedicated enterprise or corporation or it is directed to the safe cloud computing systems. These so called cloud computing systems are not as safe as you think they might be.  The main reason is that in pursuit of technological advancements any conglomerates or companies start storing their valuable data and information related assets within the cloud and leave the potential side of this data exposed. 

Exposed in a sense that when the data reaches the servers of the cloud systems, hackers are already sitting there with their fish nets knee deep within the secured servers. As soon as data is being transmitted through these so called encrypted channels of the cloud systems it is caught by the hackers and cyber criminals abruptly. 

In 2020 companies need to understand the fact that technological advancement is important but so is laying out all the security-related features and interpretations for making cloud environment secure. Transition should never come at the expense of the data security and this is what would weaken the concept of the cybersecurity in 2020.


  • Putting out lethargic admin vibes


It is very important to know that the cybersecurity officials have a dedicated job to attend to and that is to secure the company or server from various attacks each day. Remember these people would have to work every day to make sure that all the security systems are up and running at all times as the attackers only need to get lucky a single time to inflict some serious damage. 

So, instead of putting out the lethargic behavior by the administrators of the network or security they need to understand that being lazy and not trying to update the security standards would end up at bad terms even for themselves. Cutting out the lazy approach and always being ready to tackle the security related issues at hand is a strong administrative trait which we need to see a lot more of in 2020.   

CompTIA Security+ certification is a practically advised certification for the professionals to indulge in 2020. QuickStart’s Information security training would massively help the employees to better understand what they are dealing with and how to improve their skills to provide the best of cybersecurity protocols and compliances there is.  

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