In the professional journey of an individual, there are many instances where it is important to prove their identity or legitimacy of work to the employers. The most common scenario when such a requirement arises is the recruitment phase. As soon as a company hires a new employee, there is a process called BGV (Background Verification) that takes place. In this process, all the documents and other necessary information of the new joiner from his past are collected and verified to check his suitability for the offered job. 

Now, these documents include personal identity proofs, educational certifications, proof of residence, medical certificate and previous employment letters. Talking about the employment papers, there is a gamut of documents that employees are issued during their employment lifecycle. So, when enough proof is required to convince the new employer of their authenticity, the newbies prefer presenting papers that have more value and weightage in their content such as joining letter, employment letter, relieving letter, experience letter, etc. Such an elaborate format is that of an appointment letter template

Let us see the reasons as to why it can be deemed as the best employment proof amongst the various others:

It is documented and issued by the employer

The very first reason that that makes an appointment letter so bona fide is the fact that it is issued by an employer. It is neither created by an employee nor an outsider. The factors like the company watermark/ logo on the appointment letter, the usage of a formal tone and details that only an employer can provide so well are enough to make anyone believe that the document is genuine.  

It is issued after completion of the probationary period

Unlike an offer letter, which is produced at the very beginning of an employment contract, appointment letters are shared with the employees at a later stage when they can be trusted. So, when an employee completes his training or probationary period and proves his capabilities & dedication, then only an appointment letter is shared with him. 

It includes all-inclusive information of the job

Out of all the employment letters that are issued to an employee, the appointment letter format is such that its essential elements include minute deets of the job. It reflects little aspects of the employment such as the job title/ position, the responsibilities and KRAs, the remuneration offered, the shift timings, the job location, the company policies, procedures and guidelines, and other relevant information. Now, no other document is so comprehensive and it would be hard for anyone to forge all these details. Thus, it is easier to believe what is written.

It is a compulsory document for employment verification

Because of being one of the mandatory documents to be produced during recruitment and hiring or BGV, employees think twice before forging an appointment letter. Nobody would be comfortable to put a nice job at stake by showing fake papers or lying in the interview (the very start of a professional bond). Hence, when someone shares an appointment letter from the previous jobs as a proof of employment, it adds value and creates a better impact.