The logistics industry involves substantial manual methods and massive volumes of data saved in different locations. By executing new technologies and following the most innovative Supply Chain and technology trends, the logistics industry can achieve much more profits and overall growth.


There would be significant changes in these innovations, and hence the logistics and supply chain companies must be ready for the same. By doing this, it will help the industries to prolong their customer relations and reliability. From AI, digital twins to block chains, and robotics, the following are the top trends in logistic operation in the UAE. Have a look.

●       Artificial and Augmented Intelligence

Technology has had a significant impact on various sectors of the economy. We can see the latest inventions of science being implemented in multiple ways all across the world. It is only evident that every logistics company in the UAE is already applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) methods in their operations for the past several years. The solutions include route planning, demand planning, intelligent transportation. Also, the whole logistics process has advanced a lot that provides sustainability, robotic deliveries, automated pickups, etc.

Additionally, Augmented Intelligence is also emerging. It combines AI automated processes with human intelligence. For example, in logistics planning, Augmented Intelligence can link human inputs such as customer service, common sense, responsibility, experience, etc., altogether with AI.

●       Real-Time SCV

Customers nowadays demand real-time information, which makes it essential for the logistics and supply chain enterprises to perform SCV(Supply Chain Visibility) into their operations. There are many startups of SCV’s that provide the logistic companies with a technology to use real-time data so that they can perform quick changes accordingly.

The real-time information includes weather, road conditions, traffic patterns, port conditions, etc. All of this can further be used to perform route optimization, demand modification, supply redirection, etc. This trend indeed has turned out to be a blessing for the people of UAE, given the country’s hot weather and usually busy routes.

●       Autonomous Vehicles

Several companies have witnessed the potential of autonomous vehicles in many domains—for example, fleet maintenance. Many airlines use drones that are deployed in hangars to perform standard maintenance tasks and document any potential damage outside of the aircraft. By doing this, maintenance costs can be brought down, and the workload of professionals can also be relieved, and that is exactly what all up and coming sectors aim to achieve.

●       Warehouse Robotics

In recent years, logistic services have undoubtedly experienced a significant upgrade. Warehouse robotics is emerging real fast and is one of the prominent shifts in the technology trends of the logistics industries. The self-sufficient, fully automated robot has a vision system, long reachability, and a small footprint. It is proficient in building pallets, moving boxes, and unloading trucks entirely in any center or a warehouse.

●       Digital Twins

In the logistics industry, for knowing possible vulnerabilities and advancing future transactions by obtaining packaging and product data, digital twins can be used. Different centers and warehouses can also use this technology for generating accurate 3D models of their centers and doing research on layouts.

●       Blockchain

A blockchain is an open book of transactions shared among computers in a particular network, and everyone on the shared blockchain has access to the same. Users cannot hack or breach the system because of this transparency. Hence, in the logistics industry, it becomes simpler for different carriers or merchants to share sensitive information.

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