The usage of technology is increasing day by day in every sector. In the current situation, nothing is possible without the proper use of technology. Therefore, education is also the sector where there are many advantages due to innovations.

Nowadays, for teaching purposes, machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used. When multiple things are available to make the work easier and more accurate, students’ and tutors’ probability of using it will probably increase.

Various websites and s applications are available for those who want to teach the students online. With the help of online tutoring, teachers and students can teach and learn while sitting at their homes.

Following are the sites which offer online tutoring jobs for people

  1. Justlearn

Justlearn is an online platform through which many students who wish to learn a new language sitting at home can be done. It is a dream for many students to study or pursue a job in abroad. With the help of Justlearn, the dreams of many students can be fulfilled.

Justlearn appoints teachers who are of high calibre and can perform the duty accurately. They go through the profiles or resumes of the teachers who are interested carefully. If they do not find the resume of the teacher valuable enough, then they directly reject them.

On the other hand, if the teacher clears the review round, they are contacted for further process. They maintain the qualitative services which are provided to the students by hiring talented and experienced teachers.

  1. Club Z Tutoring

It helps in merging with the tutor and student in the proper manner. The basic plan starts at $242 for four hours.

They provide the students with the help of one-on-one tutoring and well preparation for the tests. The students can find their respective teachers using the search bar.

They hire tutors who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. The recruitment department goes through the tutors’ entire profile, and after that, the tutors have to go through a proficiency exam in the subject they wish to teach.

The classes are conducted through online video calls where the students and the teachers can properly go through the study material, and even the tutors can teach them properly with examples.

  1. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review helps students prepare SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT. The tutorials are mostly done at nights and weekends. Therefore it becomes easier for people to do their full-time job along with the video class. It will also be an additional income for them.

Once hired, the teachers are given proper training and materials so that they can teach the students in the best way possible. The teachers hired over here are also given training in multiple subjects to increase their own calibre.

  1. Revolution Prep

It is a leading tutoring company which helps the students to learn at the comfort of their home. They allow tutoring privately. They provide the students with SAT preparations.

Those people who are interested in a full-time job should only apply to this. If someone is interested in doing another job along with it, it would be impossible for them to do it. They allow remote positions, and they might even demand for flexible hours. They also provide proper training to their teachers, so that they can teach the students in a better manner.

  1. Smart thinking-Pearson 

It allows students to get access to the resources they want to study. It helps students by providing them with online tutoring and grasps the knowledge in a better manner to make them best at their workplace.

It provides 24×7 classes in the subjects that the students want to learn. The maximum tutors over here hold a master’s degree or Ph.D. in their respective subjects. The tutors over here are well experienced who directly teach the students in the easiest manner. They use a problem-solving approach for the students to gain confidence in the subject that they are learning.

Therefore, those people who wish to teach online can apply to the websites, as mentioned earlier.



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