Being a game lover is all about being updated about your favorite video games and their upcoming news. Since there are multiple websites on the web that provides information pertaining to video games. However, there are only a few of them that are completely trustworthy and worth your attention. And, if you are looking to update on your favorite video game, there could be no better place to look out for other than these popular gaming news websites. To help you out, here are the five best gaming news websites.

PC Gamer

PC gamer is a news source for gaming related news. The gaming magazine was founded in the UK in 1993. At that time, it was completely taboo to play video games. The magazine however started and become an absolute hit selling magazine in the UK and moving to the US. The magazine frequently rates and reviews games, hardware, mods, and other gaming-related stuff.


Another popular gaming news website on our list is the American gaming news website. Started back in 1996, the gaming news is completely owned by J2 global which is operated by Ziff Davis. The company is located in sans Fransisco. The magazine is completely authentic providers of news pertaining to all gaming platforms. It includes popular platforms, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and more.


Another gaming website on the chart is Gamespot. Gamespot reviews and provide download information related to video games. This website is also a great source of wikis, cheat codes, and more. Launched back in 1996, the website is eventually purchased by CNET after passing down from ZNet a private company. The news website covers the most fascinating news and trailers and walkthroughs.


Gamenvoy is a completely new play on this list. The gamenvoy is website is itself started by a passionate video gamer who loves to spend his time with some authentic games in hand. The website is founded in 2019 and provides reviews, news, cheat codes, wikis, and more about video games. The website is highly active in attracting new visitors every day. So, you can always visit the website for completely relevant information.

Tech Radar

Tech radar is another fantastic place for tech reviews and gadget information. The tech news website also collects and share information related to game and gaming news. This news website is counted among the most authoritative source of gaming and tech-related news. So, you can bookmark it for your share of news and gaming updates.