While browsing any information over the internet you would have come across digital kinds of stuff like some viral videos, written blogs, unwanted ads, sometimes useful videos, sometimes irritating videos, funny memes some cool jokes, mobile apps, etc. This all is a part of Digital Marketing, 7 years back there was nothing like that. In 2020 this is one of the hottest careers for all youngsters, the most discussed topic of the last 7 years. Digital Training is career-oriented training for people with many digital training institutes for digital marketing course in Delhi with placement. Had this been 2010, Digital Marketing Job Opportunities were not readily available, companies were stuck with traditional marketing practices and the marketing process was not ready to change. As time passed away – technology innovations, digital innovations industry started booming by an 80% growth rate. In 2020 digital aspirant students can establish a successful stronghold career with a digital marketing course in Delhi with placement as one of the best options for career opportunities. 

According to the Hindustan Times report, Digital Marketing will create 2.5 lac jobs in India by 2020. Therefore, we have created a tiny list of digital marketing job opportunities in India for 2020.


Web Developer & Designer

Some people are so talented to design a astonishing website with a forefront art on it. As a web developer/designer you will be accountable to use best templates, design, front page and also put some codes in it. 

This will be your responsibility to make it user-friendly, once you design the website next step of a digital marketer to rank the website using SEO tools and strategies. After mastering the skill of web developer or web designer you can embark on your career with SEO training institute in Delhito become an SEO expert and web developer expert.


Social Media Manager

This sounds pretty awesome to work in a social media stream, but this is not limited to only Facebooking and Tweeting. You have to really aware of all the latest trends or updates in social media, besides this you have to coordinate with clients, video editors, content teams and keep on checking the work quality. Great insight about social media platforms and standout knowledge with dozens of creativity is a must for this job role.


SEO Executive Or Expert

Being a fresher holding a certificate only from a reputed SEO training institute in Delhi can make you lots of money in SEO. Else, you get a chance to work with brands, big companies as an SEO executive. Working dedicatedly in the SEO program increases your chance to get promoted within a short span. It is quite a responsible job because you will be only responsible for conduct keyword research, use SEO tools, make content search-friendly, build sitemaps, and submit them, etc.


How to use the above mentioned 3 career opportunities in Digital Marketing in 2020:

Above mentioned job roles is the high returned unbeatable investment for your career – all you need to find the trusted digital marketing course in Delhi with placement