According to a report released by the Tokyo Institute of Creative and Arts Japan, it is likely that this year, sales of digital comics, or South Korean online comics (Webtoon Manhwa) will surpass.  The face of traditional Japanese manga comics, marking the first time in the Japanese Manga Hentai industry, has undergone a dramatic change.

 If that happened, it would naturally become an extremely memorable milestone for the Manga Hentai industry, a culture that was so familiar to the people of Japan, when they considered hundreds, thousands of  The storybook on bookshelves at retail stores scattered across Japan is an invaluable treasure passed down from generation to generation.

 And this will raise a big question, whether the online comic industry really is going to thrive, and the paper comics that are on the decline.

 The answer is correct for both.

 Thanks to the birth of the latest smartphones, Note 10 plus or Iphone 11 Pro, many fans have switched their comic reading method to another method, with countless titles.  online by just a few mouse clicks, swipe the screen of the phone without carrying the heavy, bulky print stories anymore.

The rise of the online Webtoon Manhwa industry is growing, which means creating a big change for the traditional Japanese manga printing businesses, they are forced to narrow their production or even close.  factory outlet, his company. Seeing clearly the potential for growth, a number of companies, large and small, not only create “home publishing workshops” to completely overwhelm paper comics but also use technology and foreign users to dance.  Enter this lucrative market with countless manga reading applications, in which Free Webtoon Online has gradually become popular with millions of readers with thousands of webtoon manhwa comics.  Favorite websites 2019.

 1 – Naver Webtoon (Line Naver)

 2 – Corp

 3 – Lezhin Comics

 4 – ManyToon Comics

 5 – Toomics comics

 6 – Toptoon comics

 7 –

 8 – TappyToon Comics

 9 –

 10 –

Meanwhile, industry insiders insist that the comic book market is shrinking but in the future, it will remain stable.  Some are quite serious when they are concerned about the fate of Manga Hentai magazines, newspapers that have a long history of traveling with comic books to provide important industry news.  , but now also threatened by the ever-expanding smartphone dominance.

Growth of online comics, decline of printed comics.  It was inevitable when Webtoon released a way to read stories by loading coins.  Free webtoon coins are always sought after collecting thousands of coins from Naver Comics, Lezhin Comics, Topton or Toomics.

The Research Institute released a report that said the sales of online comics (excluding magazine pages) jumped 27.1% to over 146 billion yen within a year of taking the test.  close, while paper comics saw an annual decline, at approximately 7.4% per year.

If these two online comic and paper comics still maintain such growth and decline this year, it is very likely that the online industry will be ready to surpass its “colleague”.  yourself to gain the upper hand in the domestic market.

 Overall, the whole Manga market, including both online and traditional printing, saw an increase of 0.4% in the same period last year, with a fortune of 445.4 billion yen.

 “In general, online comics are growing stronger, while paper comics have witnessed a serious decline. Because of that, we can see that online comics online is saving the whole industry, helping the Manga to survive in the prosperous period of the world comic “, the report released.

 “In recent years, I have been extremely surprised to see so many cases that the sales of paper Manga are slowly lagging behind without positive signs,” said Ken Takashi, a  Research fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Creative and Arts.

“Both the paper manga comics went into a recession, and the drop in paper manga output is very worrying compared to Webtoon Manhwa,” added Ken.

When we look at sales reports, the manga comic sold 101.1 billion yen last year, about a third less than the golden time in 1995. And the storyline.  online paintings do not have too many notable points, totaling about 3.1 billion yen last year.

 Traditional Manga magazines, such as the weekly Stock Comics or Mangahentai Magazine, have also published many new chapters of series of Manga series over a long period of time. The creator can now introduce their work to the general public.

The decline in sales of magazine pages is not something new.  But, that lag has only happened in the last few years as Webtoon Manhwa comics book readers are on the rise and taking up most of their role.  how Japanese paintings will rise in the face of the Korean Wave Webtoon Manhwa.