A strange aspect of psychology is that the moment the price of a gadget drops, we have a greater urge to buy it. This is pretty evident in the overwhelming sales which occur when discounts are given in the e-commerce sites.

This means customers perceive the value of an object to be higher when its price goes down. So, customer experience provides an impact on perceived value.

There are two ways of increasing perceived value: effective customer on boarding and using personalized interventions to encourage buying a product.

Organizations which reap profits are successful in making a customer feel that they really need a product. Reduction of cost cannot be the only factor.

Why making an impression on the customer is important?

The proverb, “The First Impression is the Last Impression” is most important while buying a product. It is quite easy to impress the users by giving them the right platform. The customers may also have a customized option, once they realize the value of the product.

If the customer experience is pleasant, the usage should be steady. All the sites need to have is some tools to project their data as worth buying.

On the other hand, if the sales are found to drop, those who are monitoring the site need to take adequate steps to ensure that the customer feels the urge to buy the product. If they are drifting apart due to a technical issue, it needs to be fixed. This can be done by noting down where the customer stopped browsing. After that, he can be shown that he is nearing the concluding steps of completing the purchase.

However, the most important step of driving customer success is to provide a pleasant beginning experience to the customers. This pleasant experience will bring the customers back to the e-commerce site repeatedly. Also, the reputation will spread through word of mouth, and more customers will drop in. So, this initial pleasant experience is more important than all the other marketing aspects like troubleshooting the technical issues and managing the portfolios of customers. If this initial customer experience is not satisfactory, they will not praise the sellers.

What is the process to be followed?

Customer experience teams need to connect with the customers regularly and provide the necessary support to them. This promotes bonding with customers, and they feel free to share the issues which they have faced. This bonding impacts the customer perceived value significantly.

Also, the higher authorities need to check why the other employees are using the platform. The customers may not be updated about the proper usage of the platform or a particular feature. The customer service team needs to be prepared to help them overcome this issue.

The customers need to be divided into several categories, based on the parts of the platform which they use. This also helps the sellers decide who is making the decisions regarding buying the products in the family of the customers.

After the customers have been divided into several categories, they may be trained via tools like videos to make them more familiar with the product. Also, they may be sent a welcome mail after they log in to the website. Such personalized gestures make the customer feel more valued. So, he feels the need to shop more from the site and also spreads the news of such friendly, welcoming gestures.

Different types of content and communication may be sent across to the customer periodically. For example, if there are any changes in the policies, the customer should be notified immediately about it. Naturally, the customer feels the e-commerce site is technologically advanced. This impresses him to a great extent.

What needs to be done after a purchase has been made?

After the customer completes making a purchase, he should be asked for his ratings. This makes him feel that his opinion has some value. Also, the rating makes the authorities of the site realize where they need to improve. If the customer leaves a low rating, he may be asked the reason behind his poor customer experience. Once the higher authorities are aware of the reason behind the poor ratings, they may work upon improving the customer experience. The sole reason for the sales industry is customers. So, they should strive to provide a satisfactory customer experience. If the negative experience of a customer reaches social media, it spreads like wildfire.

To conclude, customer success is the backbone of any industry.

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