Nowhere is the artist’s creativity as limitless as in teanh comics. Comic is the entertainment world best suited to express art and literature through his story pages.  According to the famous American comic artist Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, comics are the next art form of human history.  With the advancement of technology, the printing of comic books has been gradually developing, and in the era of mobile technology with broadband, modern mobile devices such as Iphone 11 pro, Note 20  plus, SS Galaxy S20, the comics have been improved in digital form.  One of the leading popular comic forms in the world today is webcomics.  In the field of webcomics in general, a specific genre of comics is gradually asserting its position, becoming increasingly popular as webtoons manhwa.  Manhwa Webtoons is generally digital Korean comic (read mostly on smartphones).  However, in recent years, the Korean webtoons market has had certain changes in the portfolio, including due to the profit optimization of webtoons manufacturing companies on the market and the significant influence.  to the content of imported American and American culture.


After the creation of Webtoons, Korean comic companies have taken a firm and groundbreaking step in the Japanese market, the English and Japanese online webtoon platforms were officially launched in Japan and  The United States in the early 2014s to compete with free online manga.  However, it was not until later in the year, particularly in the last few years since 2016, that Korean webtoons manhwa actually developed and became popular among most global citizens.  Similar to the boom that manga online has made many years ago and still ongoing in the US market, the boom of Korean webtoon manhwa is similar in the comics industry,  and a large part of this is a huge influence from technology innovation, namely the introduction of smartphones and the ability to easily access the internet at all times and places.  geography.  Webtoons Manhwa plays a huge role in the United States, but most people are unaware of the importance of webtoons and their pervasive influence.


Some works of Webtoons, Tapas, Toomics, Lezhin, Toptoon such as: The Family Tree, Collapse & Rewind, Boys are Boys, My Aunt, Close as Neighbors, The Secret Friend, Dog on Patrol, The Perfect Roommates, My stepmom,  Campfire Stories, … gain sympathy with the readers.


Korean Webtoon Manhwa created the genre of stories including: Action, fiction, detective, horror, mature, Romance, and drama, Teens Love, Girls Love.  Korean manhwa raw episodes are usually released every Wednesday.


Last year, Netflix invested in a series of dramas adapted from popular webtoon comics in the Korean market, such as Love Alarm.  However, the film did not resonate like its original webtoon and became a bomb project of Netflix, when most people seem indifferent and do not even know the existence of  this film adaptation.


Even on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, when people share excerpts or pictures, short stories are copyrighted by webtoon, it is unlikely that many of them will be able to.  recognize that what they have shared is part of the webtoon, not a meme.  The combined report data shows a positive sign for the increasing trend of the trends containing the phrase “webtoon” tracked through Google in the US market only.  This is clearly a good sign for the continuous efforts of Webtoon in this competitive market.


In practice, however, it is not always the case that the analytical data that is given reflects the exact problem.  According to actual surveys, almost webtoon in the US market exists only in a small segment, does not occupy the majority of the community.  Webtoon is still a term, a topic not many people know about its existence.  When it comes to the American comic book system, no one is thinking about DC Comics and Marvel, these are two of the many major comic book corporations not only in the US market but also hard-to-reach walls.  Overcoming opponents in almost every country in the world.  DC comics and Marvel comics are a huge part of the American comic industry, making up the majority of comic book sales and a way for the nation’s entertainment industry to bring the United States a huge profit.  from their works.  Even so, an interesting event happened in 2020.


If you are a fan of Korean webtoon manhwa, here are websites and apps that you can read the best webtoon works in 2020. Read and share with your friends.



1 – Naver Webtoon

2 – Lezhin Comics

3 – Manycomic Entertainment

4 – Manytoon Comics

6 –

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12 – Delitoon Comics