Perhaps as you browse you get surprised and amazed by the number of e-liquid options available. There are ten different categories that you probably could have never imagined before. Cereal, Breakfast, Dessert, Sweets, Drinks, Fruit, Menthol, and Classic Tobacco are among the few categories offered by Simply E-liquid.

You would not be the first to be amazed, however. Perhaps not only by the number but also by the unique flavors the online e-liquid store has to offer. Who would have thought that you could enjoy the taste of pancakes in your electric cigarettes? Unlike traditional cigarettes, E-liquid offers a unique smoking experience that is undoubtedly hard to pass by.

As impressive as it is, many of those who have never experienced smoking an electronic cigarette typically wonder about its safety. With traditional tobacco, the tobacco taste cannot be mistaken. At the very least, despite all the drawbacks, it’s as natural as it gets. But what about e-liquid? The fact that it comes in the form of a vaporizable solution is enough to raise the alarm.

There are so many questions surrounding this latest smoking trend. While in a majority of cases this question stems from none other than curiosity, many of them are then further fueled by false beliefs. Misleading articles very often point out that the e-liquid contains more harmful chemicals than tobacco. A stark contrast to its healthier smoking substitute advertisement. So what’s the verdict? To get to the bottom of this issue, we must first be aware of what it consists of.

Propylene glycol

One of the primary ingredients in e-liquid sold at is this clean, and odorless liquid. With its unique taint of sweetness, this chemical is often mistaken as its dangerous counterpart, the Propylene glycol. While the latter is used in anti-freeze, Propylene glycol is not. In fact, this compound is FDA-approved and can be found in vitamins, coffee-based beverage, soda, and many more. On top of that, there is only a little amount of it being used, so there is no risk of build-up residue.

Vegetable glycerin

Also known as glycerol, this odorless liquid is naturally derived from plant oils. Glycerol is widely used in many food products, typically to add sweetness and moisture to low-carbohydrate food items. In electronic cigarette smoking, this ingredient does not only elevate your smoking experience but also aids in much needed vaping hydration. If you are a cloud chaser who enjoys playing with huge vapor plumes, this ingredient is exactly the one that allows you to produce clouds. The more you know!

Food-grade flavorings

While it may be difficult to identify due to the number of different flavorings, one thing for sure all flavoring substances are food-grade. Other than FDA approved, they are also accredited by UKAS laboratories. Some of the e-liquid flavors offered by Simply E-liquid are derived from natural plant resources. Whereas others may contain both natural and food-grade flavoring substances. With this reassurance, there is no need to worry about side effects or health risks.

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