A robotechie is someone who makes an ingenious arrangement of motors, wheels, and springs and believes it not just to move, but also to impact and change the course of people’s lives. In a better way, obviously. A bunch of such robotics lovers has gathered under one roof – Rozum Robotics. Founded in 2017, this start-up attracted over 70 intelligent and hardworking people, who want to open new horizons in the field of robotics. Since then their goal hasn’t changed: to elevate the standards of people’s living not just by the use of the developed robotic technology but by considering the specific needs of the clients and adjusting this solution to them.

The Rozum invention – “Pulse” robotic manipulator – is designed to make you rid of repetitive but time-consuming and hazardous tasks such as welding, gluing, polishing and deburring, quality control, lab testing and injection molding, etc. It is even suitable to do the insipid tasks employees usually avoid.

Furthermore, making use of own resources and technology the company launched a side-project called Rozum Cafe. Here you will not find any waitress or barista, only a robotic arm, that using a professional coffee equipment brews drinks 24/7.  Actually, this robot unites roles of café’s stuff: it brews specialty coffee and serves with clients.

Rozum Robotics has conducted a test run from October 24-26 at the Salone Franchising Exhibition in Milan, Italy. More than 400 visitors came to the booth and tasted the freshly brewed coffee from a one of its kind Barista. The new robotic barista is not only consistent in the coffee brewing game but also leaves the customers awestruck. It provides a very captivating and enticing experience to all of its customers giving them all the more reasons to revisit. Pursuant to the success at the Salone Franchising Exhibition the company is already taking pre-orders in Italy. 

Additionally, the expertise of Rozum Robotics is not limited to robotic arms, as they are the creators of two more technological gimmicks and tend to keep increasing this list – Rozum robots are driven by Rozum robots.

The RDrive servomotors series consist of hollow-shaft high-torque servos in a variety of sizes. The fact that 90% of the parts were made in house gives this product even higher value and stronger guarantee as to the quality of the product. Its role is not limited to only robotics but it encompasses industrial machinery, model building, and even entertainment to make the users experience as positive as possible. Secondly, the FMI series are actually rotor and stator kits whose sole job is to make your machine a 100% efficient tool.

The wide network of distributors of the company is responsible for making sure that all products are available to consumers in the USA, EU, Asia, and CIS regions. Moreover, the sales and technical executives are a team of cooperative and helpful service providers and are always available to serve their customers better. It is this unwavering service and product quality that the company’s products; Robotic Arm PULSE, Frameless Motors FMI, and Servomotors RDrive were able to successfully pass and receive EU/EC confirmation certificates. The certificates confirm the safety and technical requirements fulfilled by the machines. 

In July 2019, Rozum Robotics displayed its products at the Innoprom show which is the chief industrial, trade and export platform in Eastern Europe attracting professional buyers from all around the globe. The robotic arm Pulse was the center of attention at the exhibition and also initiated a business venture in cooperation with Fedets Family Bakery. 

Rozum Robotics is now set to embark on a new journey in the United States the home to the august Silicon Valley. As they proudly announce their authorized dealer in the US “Future Robotix”. With the union of industry-leading manufacturers and technical design experts, the options are unlimited and captivating for a large number of customers. This collaboration will open new horizons for both the companies and its large client pool by providing a greater variety of products and enhanced services. 

 They will also be seen showcasing their products at the International Franchise Expo South in Houston, TX, US at booth number 502. Representing their one of a kind barista ready to leave the audience in complete astonishment. 

Conclusively, any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic for non-techies, and Rozum Robotics objective is to create this magic. Then bring it to life for their customers. Robotics allows civilization to be more creative, productive and free.