Being abroad sometimes brings some inconveniences in terms of geo-blocking. The problem occurs especially when people want to watch UK TV live or visit TV-related websites. They find out that access is restricted. 

The reason for this issue is connected to some copyright reasons and licensing agreements. Of course, this brings disappointment to those people, who want to watch UK TV abroad, enjoying their favorite show or program.

However, the good news is that technology advancement has solved the problem of geolocation. Due to a number of techniques and trustworthy TV-streaming companies like Stream-Tube, this is not an issue anymore. Providing the latest  Now TV offer, you manage to enjoy the best TV channels with affordable TV packages.

Let us see how to watch Now TV outside the UK:

  1. Choose a TV streaming Company

Each of the TV streaming services can offer some mix of channels, however, choosing one that will fully cover your needs demands a little attention and research. Find out if the company meets your needs and covers all your favourite channels. It is a good idea to pay attention to the package prices as well.

There will be very low costs, however, before making a choice make sure the company to be trustworthy and provide high-quality service. An experienced streaming company has a number of advantages, including:

  • High video and audio quality
  • No download time
  • A good set of channels
  • Immediate access.
  1. Go into the Most Interesting Offers of TV-Streaming Packages

If you want to enjoy your TV-watching experience outside the country, the next important step will be the selection of packages. Having your choice from the best TV packages with reasonable prices, you manage to get access to four different main offers: Now TV Kids Package, Entertainment, Sport package and of course Movie package.

 Each of them includes the latest channels with seperate advantages. It is worth mentioning that all the channels are either HD or 4K Ultra HD format. Besides, you get a chance to watch movies on demand, get access to all your kid’s favourite shows and cartoons as well enjoy everything connected with the English Premier League.

  1. Choose Your Device

You can select one of the Now TV Streamingdevices, like digit box or smart stick and enjoy all its advantages. The product description on the website will fully inform you about the details. 

The smart box with HD and Voice search gives you an opportunity to connect with HDMI port and get access through your TV. You can also get Apple TV 4K to watch movies or shows in 4K HDR. You can find a premium TP-Link VPN Router with connection for watching Now TV and Bt Sport.

  1. Sign Up and Get Now TV Subscription

After carefully examining the details and choosing your package, it is time to sign up. The process is easy and effortless. You need minimum action to get Now Tv Subscription. At Least what you need is 2.4 Mbps internet, VPN Router and Connection, which is tested and will provide your great service. Due to great customer service, you will have no difficulties wherever you are.

  1. Enjoy Your Best Experience

Due to professional TV streaming service, you can now enjoy all its advantages without any disturbance and errors. The service promises flexibility, affordability and loyalty. It will give you the best user experience and access to many channels that you will hardly find in other streaming services.

Trusting Stream-Tube means to get the best experience and enjoy UK TV from any corner of the world.


Being outside the UK does not mean stop enjoying your favourite TV shows, programs, movies or so on. You can keep the spirit of UK TV from every corner of the world. Great, isn’t it?

Besides accessing the best content, a good streaming company allows you to get your TV channels at an affordable price. Are you a sports lover? Do you have a preferable movie channel? Enjoy the latest offers and get the best service by subscribing one of our packages.