The school bus is a classic symbol of Canadian youth, and for good reason: it is the standard mode of transportation for children. Many parents prefer it because it provides convenience, especially to busy moms and dads. They don’t need to drive their children to school, saving a lot of time. Choosing a school bus as your kids’ means of transportation can provide you with several advantages. Parents will be confident that their kids will arrive early and safe at school. Your children can also make new friends while riding on the bus since they can meet many kids there (sometimes in different classes or circles). And when it comes to their safety, some school buses today even have GPS systems where you can easily track the location of the school bus. And for the next step in security enhancement, the school board and parents should consider mounting a dash camera in each bus.

The Importance of Having a Dash Cam in School Buses

Part of the school’s responsibility is to keep the children safe when using school buses. However, accidents are unavoidable. If students fight in the school bus or if there’s a nearby incident that happens, parents, school administrators, public officials, and other concerned individuals need something to find the real cause of the event. One way to do it is to get the footage in a dashboard camera. Besides this advantage, there are other reasons why it should be installed on school buses. Here are some benefits:

  1. Arrest bad drivers. In some countries like Canada, it is illegal to overtake a school bus while on the road. Once drivers violated this law, they could lose their licence for a time. Having a dash cam in the school vehicle can identify drivers who have illegally passed school buses. With the dash cam footage, you can help the police arrest reckless drivers (you could be saving a life from a future accident they cause).
  2. Determine who should take responsibility. If an accident happens with a school bus, it is quite challenging to know who is responsible for the incident. It will be harder to tell if it is caused by the driver’s recklessness or due to the condition of the vehicle. Installing a dashboard camera on the bus can provide you with a piece of strong evidence because it can record videos inside or outside the car. With a dash cam, it would be easier to know the real cause of the accident. The concerned authority only needs to get the footage recorded in the camera. You can watch the video and playback what has happened before the accident.
  3. Document problematic student behaviors. It is vital to impose discipline on all the students because it can mould them into better individuals. However, it is difficult to correct a student’s behavior without observing them. Mounting a dashboard camera can help school authorities determine whether a student has an enigmatic attitude. Through the documented videos on the dash cams, a school administrator can address specific issues to the students’ parents.
  4. Maintain a driver’s compliance with the traffic laws. A driver must follow all the traffic regulations set by the authority. Doing so can prevent accidents and road fights among people. However, some reckless drivers do not comply with traffic rules. Irresponsible driving can be avoided by installing a dash cam in the vehicle. It is because school administrators can monitor the driver’s activities and can quickly determine if they comply with all the traffic laws. Imposing discipline to school bus drivers would be easier if there is a video to tell how they behave on the road.
  5. Prohibit bullying. As reported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, one in three adolescent students in Canada have reported being bullied. As concerned individuals, it is crucial to prohibit this act. Putting an end to bullying can make students feel safer and impose disciplinary actions on children with problematic behaviors. Although it is challenging to monitor the students’ day-to-day activities, putting a dashboard camera on their school bus could help a lot in solving bullying issues. School bullies are less likely to threaten students if they are aware that they are being monitored. School bus cameras have been helping districts investigate bullying. Thus, it is essential to have these devices be installed in school vehicles.

Tips When Buying a Dash Cam for School Buses

The list above shows some of the benefits that you could get when a school bus has a dash cam. This device must be checked regularly to determine if it is still functioning well. If not, then it’s time to consider buying quality dash cameras. Here are some reminders when purchasing a new dash cam:

  1. For excellent monitoring, look for a camera with real-time location tracking and speed/driver monitoring. Cameras built with WiFi connectivity can also do live streaming. It can help parents track if their kids have arrived safely at school.
  2. To avoid the hassle of always removing the files stored in SD cards, you can enable loop recording. With this setting, the camera requires no user intervention. It means the device can turn on when the ignition is on and then suddenly stops when the vehicle is shut off.
  3. Look for cameras with tamper-proof capabilities to avoid unwanted tampering. It can prevent anyone from getting the SD card or unplugging the power cable from the dashcam.
  4. Make sure that the dashboard camera can record front, rear, and driver to guarantee maximum protection. Also, consider night time recording to document quality videos at night.

School administrators and parents should consider mounting dash cameras in Canada to school buses to make the students feel safer – and the rest of us on the road too!  Enhancing security can make both drivers and students disciplined when it comes to proper behavior on the road.