At the moment there is a tussle between investing in the growing cryptosphere of virtual currencies and the stocks/shares markets. We have seen heavy losses and gains in both. People expect this to happen, but there is nothing worse than losing out because of an outside market influence that is technology based and is not tied to the way in which stocks and shares are calculated. Read on if you want to find out why people are losing million every year just for simply being too relaxed about the digital security precautions they take with their online investment tools.

More hedge funds are diversifying their portfolios to include cryptocurrencies along with their stocks and share trading. It is fair to say that today’s financial markets are booming. With the emergence of cryptocurrency, there has come an increase in wealth for those early adopters who are now big players in the market.

On the other hand, there are quite a few that have lost out in the same way as plenty of investors lost their fortunes during the .DOT come era which arguably contributed to the imminent 2008 market crash – with companies such as Enron and Worldcom plus the massive miscalculations made over the packaging of mortgages and dept.

These market crashes and loss of wealth are accepted so far as if you are in these markets, then you are accepting the fact that you could lose it all overnight no matter how smart you believe you were with your investments.

Losing Out Because Of Market Trends Is Fine – But What Else Is Negatively Affecting Investors?

All that said, there is another problem investors in these markets have suffered. Those losses have been inflicted upon people not by fluctuating market trends that are out of control. Would you believe the one thing responsible for these losses is cybercriminals? Hackers either on the inside of the networks or those that have found their way into people’s networks in order to capture information about their investment trading.

The worst hit marketplace is cryptocurrencies where so far not only have hackers gotten away with millions of dollars by hacking cryptocurrency currency exchanges, but also by hitting people’s personal crypto wallets – both their hardware and software wallets.

Once German investor hit for over $102k said it was because his internet router had been hacked. At the time he said in German “was ist VPN” – I wish I knew what a VPN is.

Had he know, then he could have used VPN software for all his cryptocurrency transactions. It is a basic security measure all lone investors should be using if not protected behind by a sophisticated office computer network as you would find in any financial company or big business that employs a full-time security team.

When asked if he had even basic security like a VPN, he said he knew what a VPN is now, but wie funktioniert VPN? (How does a VPN work? Now if you are reading this, and you do not know what a VPN is, plus you are dealing in sticks, shares, crypto or any kind of financial trading at all, then make sure your machine is protected. It is vital that you do not leave your system open to cybercriminals that are out there specifically searching for people like you that work online with large amounts of cash.