It’s effortless to find cool statuses for Whatsapp if you know where to look. In the entire history of the existence of social networks, people have come up with a lot of aphorisms and phrases for self-expression, but how to choose something fresh in this inexhaustible source?

Of course, the ideal option is when you come up with something yourself, but for starters, it’s always good to practice and see what has already been written. Choose a theme, create a mood, and go for it! We offer you the following examples.

  • I adore my neighbors! Here is a little music made.
  • Love is a disease. Could you write me a bed rest, pliz?
  • I’m not angry, it’s just an anti-smile.
  • – Kolya, why are you mad? – Because I’m Andrey!
  • A wife gives birth to children to you, and a lover – from you.
  • I’m so commercial, just like soap.
  • It seems like you’re completely confused, like headphones from a player.
  • Want a hotter girl? Come to me – I have 38 and 8!
  • If you saw a girl without foundation and powder, then you must marry her.
  • Living in poverty is not at all a shame. It’s a shame to live in the mud.
  • Today I dreamed that the TV was fighting with my tablet because of jealousy.
  • I can’t even offend you – Nature has already done everything for me.
  • The outfit is not considered complete if it does not have cat hair.
  • If for everyone to be fluffy, then you will be dragged to the collars.
  • Never believe the words “then I will tell” and “owed to me.”

Some good WhatsApp statuses are chosen by brave and courageous guys who want to emphasize their “coolness.” It is desirable, of course, that in real life, such catchy phrases find confirmation in actions and right deeds. Girls should not abuse such expressions; it is better to show restraint because a mysterious image is always only at hand. So, it’s time to find out who is cool and who is “sucks.”

Come to Whatsapp and post a phrase that best expresses your unique character and readiness for decisive action in case of anything.

The coolest statuses in Whatsapp can be very different, choose:

  • She broke her head – why is he so cute? I look – well, yes, he arrived at the beach!
  • The more sudden the phone rings, the more truthful the words in the receiver.
  • In vain, the neighbors think that blows reduce the volume of the music to the battery!
  • I have never been right because I am the best!
  • Time does not kill love. Her meanness kills.
  • I take everything from life and do not pick.
  • The most terrible loneliness is when there are no real friends.
  • Sometimes you have to succumb to the temptation. Otherwise, it may not happen again!
  • Paphos on the face has long been out of fashion.
  • I am the king of my life. Courage is my flag. I have wisdom – this is my armor.
  • It also happens: you cannot understand one person, but you want to cut everyone around.
  • I am not like any of your dolls, because I am from a unique collection!
  • The reason for my insomnia is only a club, not you.
  • I play tic-tac-toe: You are a toe, and I will put a cross on you.
  • If you feel cold and lonely, self-immolate in the crowd: you will warm up and socialize.

WhatsApp status in english one line, can often be seen in English. Still, here it is important to write without errors and be sure that you know and understand what you are writing about. When you look for statuses for Whatsapp in English with a translation, choose something not too complicated and pathos so as not to scare your friends. Keep in mind that the level of language proficiency is different for everyone, so you risk just being misunderstood.

Short statuses in Whatsapp, both in Russian and in English, are always preferable because if a person wants to read something large-scale, he will take a book. We offer you the following status options for Whatsapp :

  • Your life it’s not a problem you must solve. It’s a gift you should open. “Your life is not a problem that it must solve.” It is a gift to be unpacked.
  • If love story never ends, it means you’ve met true love. – If the love story does not end, then you have met true love.
  • Your mind shouldn’t kill your heart and soul. “Don’t let the mind kill your heart and soul.”
  • I always forgive my enemies. I like to annoy them. “I always forgive my enemies.” I want to annoy them.
  • Everyone wants to live a long and happy life, but nobody wants to become old. “Everyone wants to live long, but nobody wants to get old.”
  • I’m so small and cute, but the world is so huge. I am so short and sweet, and the world is huge.
  • My heart is an awful GPS. – From my heart, the navigator is so-so.
  • You’ll ignore me until you need my help. “You will ignore me until you need my help.”
  • Everybody may fall in love, but only a few people know how to be in love with one and only man forever. – Everyone can fall in love, but few know how to love only all life.