A satellite phone is an advanced version of telecommunication services and is usually opted by people who have to stay connected to a particular set of people and that connection has to be better than normal. Being normal in terms of telecommunication service providers means a common tower from which thousands of people are connected.

All of these people who are connected through towers are allowed to use common services and there happens to be capped on the services so that each of them can experience the same speed. Slow in services means that everyone will get affected and the solution to that could also be complex as a bunch of people has to resume the services. In satellite phone, the services provided by satellite. Thus, the removal of shared based access and priority is always high.

The data plan provided for this satellite phone is different from the normal ones. They are been charged for the airtime and the phone. The services mostly roam around the calls and SMS but both of them are having a strong connection to other satellite which are connected to the phone of another country. Overseas connectivity is not an issue but the plan rates need to be confirmed. The rate is high but there are some terms and conditions attached even if your plan is providing extra features.

While purchasing a plan take care of the following things.

Data speed – The speed offered by the phone is necessary and varies from plan to plan. Make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions over the plans which offer unlimited access to the internet but internally apply some capping.

Areas that are blocked – Some areas are restricted for official use and conversation or satellite contact through such places is impossible. You need to make sure that you tell about the area where you want the services to get activated.

Quality – As you pay more or purchase a premium version of SIM card the quality of the calls increases rapidly. Not only this the quality of data you receive also increases.

Unused minutes and data – The chances are that if you have purchased a SIM card in which if your data and minutes are remaining then they are not carried to the next month. To take care of this always confirm this before purchasing the SIM card confirm the same.

Calls on another network – If you are calling or sending SMS to the user using the same network then the charges would be marginally low but as you switch to a different network provider then the price would increase rapidly. Before purchasing just confirm the price of the data plan for other networks.

Satellite phones.

Inmarsat Phones

These types of phones are robust and are least affected by weather conditions. There are different models like Isatphone 1 & 2 in which it use to come and the purchase could be made according to the requirement. The plan could also be chosen where the features can be customized accordingly.

Iridium Extreme

This satellite phone offers a talk time of 4 hours and is water-resistant. The display that is offered is monochrome and the price at which it is been sold is cheap. The data speed that it is been offered in these satellite phones is uncompressed and comes out to be 2.4 KBPS. Along with this it also supports text messaging. It supports data connectivity via USB using the access point.

Is phone 2

This phone offers better features as compared to Iridium and the main advantage is the display. It offers a color display and the plan rates are comparatively high. The speed it offers is much better than all other satellite phones which are again an add on feature.

Global star

This phone offers the best user experience ever. The weight of this phone is lightest among all the satellite phones. It offers a color display and the price is comparatively cheaper than compared to other phones in its league.

Above mentioned are the data plan in satellite phones and the choice you need to make before purchasing the SIM card. It depends on your requirements. Inmarsat is the best phone among all of them.

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