As web designers, making a choice on which color to choose is one of the most critical tasks that web designers do. Some great painter and designer have written great books to elaborate on the depth of the subject. Although it is also true that colors are the only through which the end-user interacts with a website. So, web developers need to choose the right color palette.

However, various tools in the market can help you generate the required color palette. Galleries of color palettes sets are created by designers or by complex algorithms. These predefined sets of color palettes can be an ideal choice if you don’t have enough knowledge of color theory. In this blog, we as a website development company Pune has jotted down some tips and tricks for you to create great front end design for new designers.


COLOURlovers is a well known international community for designers to share their thoughts and ideas on a single platform. Here you can find the various tool which can help you complete your designs. The platform offers you more than a million color palettes that were uploaded by the community members. Besides, they also offer a color palette generator through which you can generate a basic color palette.

Using you can easily get the color palettes for a flat design. It showcases hundreds of color palettes that are prebuilt using a complex algorithm. It has a series of colors with many flat color combinations. You just have to scroll down the gallery to pick the color palettes you require. The palette of your favorites can be inserted or the hex / RGB color codes can be copied into your clipboard.


This online tool helps you choose an elegant color palette using your own choice. Its is quite simple, as you land on the page color will be displayed on the screen. If you like the color press the L key in your keyboard and for next color press the D key on your keyboard. In the end, you’ll be surprised to see that you have created an awesome color palette on your own.


Colorion offers 3 main segments through which you can select a regular color palette, material design palette, and UI design palette. The website also has a search option which helps the users to find beautiful color palettes from other designers. Besides, it also provides a simple color palette generator to create a color palette extracted from the upload of your file.


Coolors is an online platform that helps you generate beautiful color palettes. Once you land on the site, with every touch to the space key produces a new color palette. Five colors are available for each palette. Coolors has many unique characteristics. Moreover, you can export the color palette in various formats and use it anywhere on the web.


This online platform for generating a color palette uses the deep learning algorithm to provide you with the best color palette for your project. Therefore, it can learn color patterns from photos and through works of art. Colormind has an excellent blog which describes how the technology works in detail. In the beginning, you can either create random colors or pick one or more colors and build similar pallets. You can also upload a picture and allow Colormind to find the best colors.

Color Hunt

Color Hunt began as a personal small project created for a group of designer friends to share fashionable color combinations. The series has been extended and now used by thousands of people around the world as useful tools every day. In order to celebrate the beauty of colors and serve as a source of color inspiration. For many different designs and creative purposes, Color Hunt offers thousands of color schemes for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, web developers, fashion designers, retailers, interior designers, and other professionals who work with the color palettes. Color Hunt is used to inspiring people to get color and to find the best palette for their designs. Everyone can save their favorite palettes, handle their collections and access the color codes easily.


ColorHexa is the largest encyclopedia of online color that provides designers with many great color-related resources. It can also be used to create color palettes perfectly. Only type a color attribute into the search bar, and ColorHexa shows all the information related to it, including colors, tints, tones, and alternatives. You’ll get the best detailed regarding any color and its respective information. For all artists, including web designers, this is a great place to start searching for colors for your designs.


It’s not just a technical matter to choose the best color palette. You need a good view of design and various color tools can be very helpful. Above all, you need the primary color to be the most effective way to deliver your message to your public. The corresponding colors can be generated quickly using the generators of the color palette mentioned in this article. We hope that our expert advice from a web development company Pune helped you in enhancing your professional productivity.